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Olivia Lee’s 60th (Chinese Calendar) Birthday Party

Olivia Lee’s 60th (Chinese Calendar) birthday celebration was an event to remember. This lovely lady who always gives out positive and good vibes shared, “Just recently I celebrated my 60th birthday with a big smile. A good friend of mine, Sha Sha Hew aka Madame Butterfly, honored me and celebrated my birthday in her home with some of my close friends.

Olivia Lee looking gorgeous with her beautiful smile
Olivia in a lovely picture with guests and friends at her birthday party

For 60 years, I experienced life with many ups and downs, and had numerous accolades and recognition from society and peers. Of course, these accolades are nice to have … however, I found that life was still incomplete and was wondering about my existence here on earth.      

When Covid came about, I had the opportunity to find my true self and had close encounters with my divinity. After three years, I now find that life is a many-splendoured thing and full of love and joy. I discovered recognition from within and experienced my true self love.

From self love and trust, I went on to have self-gratitude and grace and since then, a new life dawned upon me. I feel as if I have been reborn. This new chapter of life gives me the true meaning of life … a new life in which I truly enjoy every moment with joy, love and compassion. Since then, I’ve looked at life as full of beauty.

Even with the very bad things that happened … but now they are integrated and have turned into wisdom for my future potential. Lastly, I want to thank myself and all of you who are part of my life existence. Namaste.”

When you meet Olivia, you can’t help but notice and feel the beautiful positivity she radiates. That’s why it is always wonderful and inspiring to spend time with her.

Olivia and Sha Sha decided that the theme of the party would be everything to do with casinos, as Olivia is, after all, the Queen of Casinos. The cakes, the decor, the ambience and everything there was vibrant and exciting. Even the paper napkins were unique as they looked like US dollar notes.

Olivia Lee (left) with Sha Sha Hew (right)

Sha Sha clearly is a “Hostess with the Mostest”. Every detail was looked into and all the guests were really impressed by the whole set up. She clearly put a lot of effort into making sure everything would be perfect. Everyone happily took pictures with the lovely backdrop and props.

Soon it was time for dinner and it was amazing too! Many of us have eaten at top restaurants and hotels but we all agreed that everything that was served was absolutely delicious. What’s more, it was cooked in a healthy way. We can still remember the taste of the food and are impressed by the fact that Sha Sha is not only a jewellery designer par excellence but also has so much talent in cooking, decorating and so many things.

Olivia received many presents on the day and she also ordered a tiara to be designed by Sha Sha for her. Olivia told Sha Sha what her preferences were and the final result is a new tiara that is absolutely fabulous.

Olivia Lee wearing her new tiara designed by Sha Sha Hew

It was indeed a party to remember! Looking at Olivia, we can’t help but think that turning 60 is something to look forward to. We can become even more beautiful and joyful inside and out as the years pass by and each birthday approaches!

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