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Be Stylish with MAJE

Wear MAJE to make a Parisienne fashion statement everyone will love. This cult favourite French brand can often be seen on the red carpet when worn by celebrities. The label produces fashion that adds to a person’s poise. Here’s a look at some of their attractive attire which will make sure you walk out of your house with confidence.

Embracing the idea of quiet luxury, the collection emphasizes timeless cuts, confident tailoring, impeccable suits, and belted jackets. In terms of materials, timeless tweed transforms into trenches, jackets, and pants, denim pairs perfectly with a white T-shirt, while knits reveal their infinite softness.


Judith Milgrom is reshaping the standards of cool with the Miss M, a timeless and versatile iteration of the iconic M bag. Really cool and with a distinctive style, this season, the Miss M unveils its widened color spectrum, including browns, black, denim, and raffia, reinforcing its status as a standout piece for the House. If you love and appreciate bags with great designs, you must head to a MAGE boutique to check the Miss M out.


The sport capsule by MAJE is exceptional. You can keep your body healthy while looking fabulous too. The MAJE capsule dedicated to sport, embodied by the French modern pentathlete, Élodie Clouvel, combines technicality and urban elegance to reinvent athleisure. Featuring satin shorts, a cotton polo dress inspired by rugby with a removable collar adorned with rhinestones and jewelry, a zip-up sweatshirt with a badge, and striped joggers, this athletic wardrobe redefines the boundaries of the sport chic trend, both structured and relaxed.


Don’t we all just love denim? The MAJE denim collection makes a style statement many will love. Delivering a promise of a femininity both cool and urban, this new selection infuses light jeans with rhinestones and pearls, offers asymmetrical skirts adorned with ruffles … embodying a 90s spirit while twisting the iconic denim. The Miss M bag, a true fashion statement, also reveals itself in embroidered denim. These bold pieces with casual luxury naturally converse with timeless classics, such as a short jacket and sleeveless denim vest.

At MAJE, their designs are carefully created and have the fine touches that elevate your personal style. Spare some time to carefully look at all they have to offer at their stores and you’re sure to find something that adds allure to how you look.

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