About Us

Wise-Mag is an online magazine and media platform focused on all the amazing things in life. Encompassing an exceptional, extraordinary and meaningful lifestyle, it covers topics targeted to make lives better.

From travel, beauty, health, food, fashion, luxury, property, investments, philanthropy, technology, cars, jewellery and timepieces to relevant news and social issues, it will be the go-to website for a mature and intelligent audience in the prime of their life.

Our team is comprised of an accomplished group of individuals with many years of experience in their arsenal. Let’s meet a few of them :

Our Team

Sunita Chhabra
Managing Director and Editor-In-Chief

A well-known face in the media industry, she has many years of experience under her belt. She was the Editor-In-Chief of Malaysia Tatler and also the first Malaysian editor for The Malaysian Women’s Weekly. She started her career in the media industry as a journalist with Her World Magazine which was then owned by The New Straits Times Group. Wise-Mag.com is a passion project for her as she feels that there is a need for a magazine that caters to people in their prime. She believes that people are actually in their prime in their 40s, 50s, 60s and above and it’s sad that they are often ignored or considered past their best years. These are the ages when all their knowledge and wealth of experience have come to full fruition and they are a group of individuals with so much to contribute to the society and the world at large. Their spending power is also not to be scoffed at and they are decision makers. Wise-Mag is a publication that wants to remind everyone that age is just a number and the best is yet to come. No matter what a person’s age is, “Life must be lived to the fullest and filled with marvellous moments.”

Rajeswari Kandiah
News Editor

Capable and meticulous with a strong command of the English language, she is a valued member of the Wise-Mag team. She has more than 20 years in the media industry and has been the backbone of many a section she has been assigned to. Always willing to help and always charming and kind to anyone she meets, many younger writers look up to her for guidance and inspiration. She worked at The Star for many years and is now venturing into something new, namely, the Wise-Mag online publication. With many influential and capable friends who are in their 50s and above, she feels there is a need to cater for those who are still in their prime, with so much to contribute to our society, the workforce and the world at large (despite what some people may think) to encourage them to live a life that is fulfilled and extraordinary in many ways. Determined and with a strong will to make sure there is justice for the downtrodden and everyone in general, she believes, “Never Say Die and Life Can Be Good.”

Reshmy Ranee

A young woman full of zest and exciting ideas, Reshmy has a Masters in Nutrition. What makes her special is that she is determined not to rest on her laurels and wants to make a difference in the lives of people by writing about topics that will help everyone have a healthier and better life. Reshmy is currently a corporate wellness dietitian who works with multiple GLC’s and MNC’s. Some of her notable clients are UMobile, Prasarana Malaysia, PLUS Sdn. Bhd and many more. Besides managing corporates, Reshmy also has experience in community clinics, hospitals and dialysis centres. As a dietitian, Reshmy is very active on LinkedIn sharing nutrition content daily and inspiring others to lead a healthier life. Do follow her on LinkedIn: Reshmy Ranee to get more simple and practical nutrition related tips.