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A Well Lived Life

There are an infinite number of possibilities for living a well lived life. You might meditate on a mountain for years, or enjoy the simple things. You might enjoy time with loved ones, or explore culinary pleasures. You might read all day, or listen to music. You might get your work done, and come home satisfied from a job well done.

For me, one of the biggest components of a well lived life — other than loved ones and a profound appreciation of life — is doing something that feels meaningful. And that has usually been helping others with something that’s meaningful to them.

If you can serve others, make their lives better in some small way (or a big way) … it feels incredibly meaningful. Much more than simply traveling or building up wealth or enjoying good food or having fun. Those are all great, but they don’t feel as meaningful to me.

If you can hit on something like that, that feels meaningful … then a well lived life becomes simple:

Spend quality time with loved ones.

Take care of yourself.

Find profound appreciation for the joy of life.

And serve others in a meaningful way.

It’s simple, but not always easy. And that makes it even richer.

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