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For Gorgeous Hair, head to Portfolio Hair Studio

Where in Kuala Lumpur can we find an assembly of 5 great, talented and experienced Hairstylists and Technicians who all excel at their trade under one roof? Look no further than at Portfolio Hair Studio, located at Plaza Batai, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara.

It’s an all-star dream team at Portfolio Hair Studio! William Wong, Mike Lau, Edwin Chong, Junn Ng and Teng Wong are so talented in what they do that you’ll feel lucky to have put your hair in their hands. They all hail from prestigious and renowned salons in Kuala Lumpur and each has a minimum of 10 years or more in the hairdressing industry.

Their passion and persistence are to be highly and admired. The hyper-challenging circumstances resulting from the very difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, did not break their spirit although they faced the heartbreaking tasks of being forced to close their salon and academy businesses, and even the de-merging of partnerships they worked so hard to build and maintain through the years. They were even unable to return to their businesses off-shore due to implemented global travel restrictions.

The Dream Team : (From left) Edwin Chong, Teng Wong, William Wong, Junn Ng and Mike Lau

Bravo to their bravery and dedication to their profession! Their collective passion for their trade and the beauty industry along with their persistence to continue their career and desire to offer the best services to their clients led them to form this collaborative venture.

The Dream Team have the ability make people look great with fabulous hair.

At Portfolio Hair Studio, clientele will receive the best service and treatment from greatly experienced and highly professional hands. Clients can experience and enjoy the skills and practical knowledge of not 1 but 2 Award-winning Colorists (with one of them being Internationally Certified), an experienced men’s grooming, barbering and beard design specialist, along with a team of Stylists who are renowned for their work in magazine editorials, brand campaigns and runway shows. They also have made numerous local and international celebrities and famous personalities look absolutely awesome!

I have hope for my thinning hair after meeting these wonderfully talented hair professionals.
A quick picture taken at Portfolio Hair Studio (From left: Mike Lau, Sunita Chhabra (me), Junn Ng and William Wong.
A picture of me with Teng Wong (left), who is a very talented colour specialist.

Having personally put my hair and scalp in their hands, all I can say is that it was a fantastic experience I won’t forget. The dream team at Portfolio are knowledgeable, talented, caring and professional. They made me feel pampered and special. They also kindly gave priceless advice on how to keep my hair in better shape and condition. I’m someone who suffers from thinning hair and going there gave me hope that my tresses can return to their former glory one of these days with proper care and maintenance. I really value what they did and am thankful for the advice given and the treatment received from the wonderful hair experts at Portfolio Hair Studio. Don’t wait! For a marvellous hair experience, quickly make an appointment with them. After all, both our hair and we deserve the best!

As a full-service salon, clients can expect to have Hair Style Make-Over, Hair Colouring, Highlights, Colour Correction, Men’s Barbering and Beard, Kids cut, Texture Rework (Perm/Straight), Treatments, Styling, Style-Up and more. The Dream Team at Portfolio Hair Studio will provide a complimentary consultation for every client, giving valuable advice, suggestions and recommendations to suit each individual’s lifestyle and maintenance before any work is performed on the client’s hair. They make sure all their clients walk out extremely happy and satisfied with their hair and the service provided.

Their location at Plaza Batai, is a perfect location, close to the small gated neighbourhood
community. There is convenient parking space available, along with the laidback retro vibes of the architecture kept cool and cosy together within a safe environment. Located on the Ground Floor, their Hair Studio allows for a convenient drop off point for VIPs and clients alike. Another thing you could do is to have your hair beautifully taken care of at Portfolio Hair Studio and then, looking totally stunning, happily join a few friends for drinks or dinner at Plaza Batai or in the vicinity of that area, where there are great places to hangout at.

“Portfolio Hair Studio” derives its name from the fact that they showcase a diverse array of services and provide the collective expertise of their extremely experienced team, with emphasis on professionalism, versatility, and high-quality offerings. The name reflects a place where clients can access a broad range of expertly curated styling and beauty services. Portfolio Har Studio is very proud to carry and use the haircare products from L’Oreal Professionnel Paris and Label.M at their salon.

Another wonderful thing they are doing is that apart from the in-salon services, they are proud to unveil their unique “Portfolio Style Studies Club”. “We share our hairdressing technical head sheets for hair cuts & colour formulations on each of our collections on our social channel,” says Portfolio Hair Studio. “We hope to provide a platform for hairdressers & other associates to exchange inspiring ideas and grow together as a vibrant hair-loving community,” they added.

The mission they are dedicating themselves to is to help encourage young hairdressers or those new to the industry with a sharing platform to learn and get inspired. They believe this sharing of knowledge and creativity helps the industry evolve and innovate. Many salons and stylists take pride in their unique approach and expertise, which can set them apart. However, open communication and collaboration within the industry can also foster growth and creativity.

The Portfolio Style Studies Club is absolutely free and is available by following their social media
platforms on Instagram and Facebook with the handle “Portfolio Hair Studio”. The hair styling industry’s future in the next 10 to 20 years will involve technology integration (AI), sustainability, personalisation, wellness services, diversity, digital presence, and ongoing education. It will prioritise health and safety, potentially see evolving stylist roles, subscription models, and remote consultations, and may feature sustainable product lines and certifications. Adaptation to these trends will be crucial for the industry’s success. Those in the hair industry have to learn, grow, accommodate the changes and yet stay relevant.

I must say that I was impressed by everything I saw and heard at Portfolio Hair Studio. I’m glad that such dedicated and talented people exist in the hairdressing industry. As we all know, hair can make or break our day. When our hair looks good, we feel more confident to face the day and it can really uplift our spirits.

Portfolio Hair Studio is located at Lot 8-3-1, Ground Floor, Plaza Batai, Jalan Batai, Bukit
Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

Opening hours are 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily Mondays to Saturdays,
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays and Public Holidays.

For appointments, kindly contact: +60111-101-8188 or email: contactportfoliohair@gmail.com
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at Portfolio Hair Studio

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