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Millennia Village Redefines Active Senior Living

When we first stepped into Millenia Village, we loved the serene, welcoming feel it had. The architecture and ambience were inviting and the air fresh and rejuvenating. It was as though we had walked into a lovely, peaceful sanctuary.

Lovely ambience at Millennia Village

We had been invited there for a visit and to see all it had to offer. It is a place for senior living but it felt like we had walked into a well-planned charming resort. Clearly the founders behind Millennia Village are determined to redefine active senior living. The place certainly made me feel that growing older could be fun and something to even be looked forward to if there were places like this available to cater to our needs.

The attractive facade of Millennia Village

Nestled on a 32 acres enclave in Seremban, Millennia Village is approximately an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. The purpose-built senior living resort and wellness village is surrounded by lush greenery and enveloped by a canopy of native trees, inviting residents to a haven where they can explore new interests, forge beautiful relationships and create meaningful memories.

It was an occasion to remember when Millennia Village celebrated its grand opening with a highly anticipated event that brought together key stakeholders, esteemed guests, residents and the community.

From left to right : Peter Ho, Susan Ho, John Chia and Diane Chia during the official launch

The event was held as a testament to the achievements of the past 8 years and also to officially open its doors to residents. Done in style, the function drew a big crowd.

The official launch ceremony was marked by a unique and symbolic gesture as John Chia (Chairman), Peter Ho (Chief Architect), Susan Ho (Executive Director), Diane Chia (Executive Director), and Alexander Chia (Director) gathered on stage to piece together a giant jigsaw puzzle of Millennia Village. What this act symbolized is the vision and unity behind the project showcasing the collaborative effort which led to the fruition of Malaysia’s first active senior living resort.

John Chia installing the last piece of the puzzle during the launch

“We believe that seniors deserve more than just a place to stay; they deserve a vibrant community that caters to their unique needs. It is an achievable reality that the golden years can be just as exciting and rewarding as the early days,” said Mr. John Chia, Founder of Millennia Village.

Diane Chia, the charismatic Executive Director of Millennia Village

Diane Chia, the gorgeous and dynamic Executive Director of Millennia Village, added, “Millennia Village is inspired by the principles of the Blue Zones, focusing on healthy habits, togetherness and happiness; contributing to longevity and overall well-being. We aim to enhance the quality of seniors, providing them with a safe, comfortable, and socially engaging environment. The tranquillity of our location offers minimal traffic, noise and an unparalleled level of privacy with pristine air quality”. When we met her during our visit there, we were amazed by her drive to do her best and we could see that she is determined to make sure the village is a place the residents will love.

After the opening ceremony, attendees were treated to a leisurely lunch at two distinguished venues, Saffron and Kopitiam. This offered a tantalizing glimpse into the culinary delights that residents at Millennia Village can expect.

Guests were also invited to engage in a variety of activities designed to showcase the resort’s extensive offerings throughout the day.

One of the activities organised during the launch event

Millennia Village partnered with established organizations such as l1vin, The Stretch Clinic,
Sage Centre, The Rosewood Clinic, The Swim Societe, Breakfree Movement, Boren Healthcare, Millennium Welt, and Hon Herbal Care, to provide a comprehensive range of services and activities for its guests and residents.

Guided tours were provided, giving guests an in-depth experience of the state-of-the-art facilities, beautifully furnished units and diverse programs available at Millennia Village. The event was a resounding success, providing attendees with a first-hand experience of the vibrant community life and exceptional amenities that Millennia Village promises to its residents.

The Fitness Garden

Its comprehensive wellness programs, green environment, and state-of-the-art facilities could clearly be seen to have been designed to cater to the diverse needs of active seniors, inspired by the principles of Blue Zones.

Aquarobics activity during the launch
Aquarobics activity during the launch

Our experience at Millennia Village convinced us that it is poised to redefine senior living, combining innovative design, comprehensive care, comfort and a vibrant community to create an unparalleled living experience for active seniors. As the first purpose-built senior living resort in Malaysia, it’s set to change the landscape of senior living in our country by enriching the lives of active seniors in an environment designed to promote the cornerstones of longevity, foster social connections and inspire purposeful living for a fulfilling experience in their golden years.

A celebration at Millennia Village

Malaysia is experiencing a significant demographic shift with a growing aging population and there has been a noticeable gap in the availability of dedicated facilities for seniors seeking a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. Anchored on the core belief that happiness, togetherness, and purpose are paramount for longevity, Millennia Village offers a unique destination where seniors can thrive in a community and foster camaraderie among like-minded individuals.

The architecture is an inspiration from the Hakka Tulou for communal gatherings

We learnt that the building’s architecture draws inspiration from the “Hakka Tulou” (客家土楼) —an emblematic representation of the central communal space that defined the lifestyle and camaraderie within traditional Hakka communities. The essence of “Hakka Tulou” embodies a collective community where residents converge, connect, communicate, and share life experiences together. Millennia Village aims to redefine the senior years not as “the beginning of the end” but rather as “the start of more enriching and purposeful golden years”.

Millennia Village is a phased development, with the successful completion of phase one featuring a total of 344 units, for rent only. These one and two-bedroom units are tailored for independent living for seniors. Plans for phase two are already in place, comprising 75 units to cater to seniors requiring assisted care. Phase three will feature larger units designed for independent senior living.

Comfort is a Priority

The living spaces at Millennia Village are carefully designed to ensure residents’ comfort and safety. Attention to detail is evident with wider rooms, wheelchair friendly features, ramps, minimal steps and practical designs such as panic buttons, bathroom handrails and more.

I was pleased to see how the bathroom had been designed in the unit I was staying at. The handrails and “chair/seat” attached to the wall that you could use to sit on while showering was a considerate touch that will help seniors enjoy their bathtime better and more safely.

The accommodation rooms offer a variety of sizes between 465 and 878 square feet. Each room is furnished with warm hues and gets ample natural light from wide windows. Residents can enjoy the refreshing breeze and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes from the balcony.

The accommodation rooms are beautifully furnished
A comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep

Rejuvenate Your Senses

We all know that walking and spending time in nature can be one of the best ways to exercise and revitalise our health. Millennia Village is surrounded by curated gardens and walking paths complete with a 2-acre nursery for eco-farming for residents to cultivate zero waste practices such as growing their own organic produce and composting food waste. Raised garden beds and elevated planters have been specifically designed to make gardening accessible and enjoyable for the seniors. Built using permaculture principles, the fertile farm garden aims to provide an abundance of species of edible herbs and vegetables for a farm-to-table experience.

Poolside at Millennia Village

Explore the regenerated forest covering 8 acres of prime land, where you can encounter flora and fauna and take serene strolls along trails intentionally built by the Orang Asli. After an invigorating walk, take a leisurely swim in the saltwater pool and bask in the stunning vistas of a majestic rugged granite rock face. To ensure every resident practices a healthy and active mindset, Millennia Village provides many leisurely pursuits and educational workshops from group fitness classes (tai chi, line dancing, senior yoga, physiotherapy, stretching, aqua aerobics etc.), to arts and craft and even a community kitchen. Facilities include the gym, multipurpose studio, library, games room, theatre and event spaces that can accommodate up to 200 persons.

Indulge Your Taste Buds

The dining venues here offer local and international classics, creating a gastronomic paradise for seniors. Saffron is an all-day dining place and presents a delectable array of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The bright and spacious venue allows natural daylight to illuminate the space. A private room is available for group dining. The Kopitiam offers delectable food and drinks too.

The Pizza Oven where you can make delicious pizzas

Then there is a pizza oven on the grounds where guests and residents can try their hand at making delicious mouth-watering pizzas.

As for what is called THE ROOFTOP, it is absolutely fantastic. The panaromic view takes your breath away and you can indulge in a marvellous, memorable experience when you have a drink there while enjoying the cozy atmosphere and cool surroundings. Located at the 9th Floor of Block B, it’s a must-visit place for anyone who goes to this senior living resort.

What makes Millenia Village really so attractive is that it boasts close proximity to five medical centres, shopping malls and is a convenient 41-minute drive to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. What’s more, as people may have heard, there are many gratifying things to do in Seremban and the eateries there are famous for different kinds of offerings. The Seremban Siew Pau is famous and when we bought some, I must say that the crispy, buttery pastry buns filled with juicy, savoury and sweet meat lived up to expectations. There are other types of food and restaurants that have made a name for themselves too. All this translates to the fact that residents can move around easily to find interesting meals, visit friends and family or go out for joyful outings with convenience.

I must say that I was impressed as Millenia Village offers a lifestyle that makes moving into our golden ages something not to be dreaded but instead, a time we can ease into with pleasure. The prices are attractive and Millennia Village offers medium and long-term tenancies of 1 month to 3 years. Pricing is dependent on the duration of stay. For a limited time only, Millennia Village is offering a long stay promotion at RM5,500 per month for two persons. Alternatively, a trial stay of 3D2N is available from RM1,200 for two persons. All room packages include a fully furnished unit, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, free access to all facilities, daily breakfast and dinner. The offers are valid until 31 August 2024 and are subject to prevailing taxes.

A trial stay is one of the best ways to see all Millenia Village has to offer. For more information about Millennia Village, visit ww.millenniavillage.com or call 06-7609677.

A trial stay at Millennia Village is a great way to check out all wonderful things it can offer

It really is a good idea to check this place out either for yourself or if you have parents or elderly relatives or friends who are looking for somewhere to settle down and be happy at. Children staying overseas can feel secure knowing their parents will be well taken care of. Residents have all they need at hand and it cuts down on the loneliness that can come with ageing. Plus, the different activities will help the residents stay healthy in body, soul and mind.

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