Safe haven for the golden years

AGING is part and parcel of life. Some in this stage of life choose to live with loved ones, with lots of support and company. Others may choose to live on their own while some make smart and informed decisions and move into retirement homes to spend their golden years in a conducive setting.

One such retirement home with lots to offer is Sunway Sanctuary. It has two living arrangements, Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Leonard Theng, General Manager of Sunway Sanctuary

Independent Living is for active seniors who want recreational and social activities while the latter is for those who require support with their day-to-day living.

At the sanctuary the coordinators make the arrangements based on the residents’ needs.

Sunway Sanctuary Health and Wellness adviser Dr Ericson Chia said: It is a common perception that we have to slow down as we age but that is not so. In fact, the more one slows down, the more health issues will arise.

Dr Ericson Chia

“At the sanctuary, we empower the seniors to experience an active lifestyle, even learning new and fun skills to keep the mind tuned and sharp.”

Besides activities, the residents here also get the best in terms of food.

Lifestyle, health and well-being come together under one roof for the retirees and semi-retirees at the flagship senior living residence in Malaysia by Sunway Healthcare Group. Sunway Sanctuary is an upscale fully serviced residence for seniors who are looking for a space with complete holistic wellness that feeds the mind, body and soul.

Staying active will lead to changes in muscles at the cellular level, essentially reversing the natural decline that occurs with aging.

Maintaining an active lifestyle has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease and improve metabolic function in liver, fat and muscle tissue.

At Sunway Sanctuary, physical activities such as aerobic exercises, morning walks and tai chi establish a routine and help keep a person from slowing down. More targeted exercises like muscle strengthening and hydrotherapy are also available.

The best eating strategy for aging well are based on whole, real foods and not processed or packaged food.

Residents get to go grocery shopping, attend cooking classes and even talks for tips on healthy eating. Meals are curated by certified nutritionists for nourishment and along with it, a positive impact on physical health.

Staying healthy means taking care of the body as well as the mind.

To ensure a wholesome wellness experience, professionals have curated programmes to engage both the mind and body at Sunway Sanctuary.

Some examples include playing board and problem-solving games such as mah jong, jenga, chess, bingo, sudoku, word and jigsaw puzzles.

Art can also inspire the body and mind. Activities like music, dance, painting, singing, scrapbooking and storytelling add meaning, joy and a vibrant sense of well-being to the lives of older people and some of these are offered at the sanctuary.

There is a library with co-working spaces, games room, a mini theatre, karaoke lounges as well as meeting and function rooms for private events or community activities at the sanctuary.

In case of medical needs, Sunway Sanctuary is connected to the Sunway Medical Centre, with prompt care assured.

The packages are open to those aged 55 years old and above.

For more details, visit www.sunwaysanctuary.com.my

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