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Become the Best Version of Yourself with DIRI

A significant shift has been seen in Malaysia’s educational landscape since DIRI, a pioneering edutainment streaming service, was launched. Due to its approach to Resonance Learning, DIRI combines education and entertainment in a unique blend … redefining traditional education and corporate training. This innovative platform, designed to captivate and educate Malaysians through engaging content from some of the nation’s foremost experts, invites them to learn from and interact with the brightest minds in the country.

DIRI offers course purchases for personal learning and development at attractive prices. This initiative marks a significant milestone in DIRI’s mission to transform Malaysia’s learning landscape, making high-quality education more accessible to individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

The array of mentors is impressive! It includes Tan Sri Nazir Razak, former CEO and Chairman of CIMB Group; Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Chairman of Bursa Malaysia; Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, a notable figure in aviation; Dato’ Hamidah Naziadin, former Group Chief People Officer of CIMB Group; Malaysia’s first astrophysicist Tan Sri Dr. Mazlan binti Othman; and Datuk Nicol David, an eight-time women’s world squash champion.

It’s not easy to meet these notable figures or glean valuable knowledge from them as they are busy and important people but through the DIRI platform, you can receive valuable insights from them on leadership, communication, mindset, innovation, and more through immersive, high-definition cinematic videos.

Their latest release is from Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. This charismatic leader, whose rise to fame and fortune has inspired many people, shares gems of knowledge that will open our minds and change some of the outdated perspectives we may have on how to achieve success and live an extraordinary life

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes believes in “Breaking Barriers, Disrupting Norms”. He poses the question, ‘What do you want out of your life?’. In a 12-lesson course plan, explore the importance of disrupting each conventional route! Push your capabilities forward to achieving an entrepreneurial mindset unlike any other.

His evolutionary career has always dedicated itself to a constant foray within newer entrepreneurial grounds. Tony sits down with DIRI to outline the qualities of an innovative leader, alongside the positive domino effect perfect disruption can make — from Virgin auditor, to CEO of AirAsia.

The Learning Curve :

➝ Effectively lead a team into legacies, through unique, and proactive leadership styles.
➝ Explore how risk-taking can simultaneously offer as a entrepreneurial stratagem in the long run, taking inspiration from Tony’s experiences biting bullets within an array of business fields.
➝ Understand the importance of aligning personal values with your workplace to achieve individual satisfaction and entrepreneurial success.
➝ Recognize the importance of having a purpose-driven vision to transform conventional thinking and inspire action, especially gaining insight from Tony’s personal motives in his venture into the airline business.
➝ Grasp the significance of leadership presence and accountability during crises to maintain trust and company integrity.

The Lesson Plan

1- Meet Your Mentor
Here, DIRI introduces the man whose success is tangible the world over — Tony Fernandes’s course introduces the concept of Disruption, and how implementing this tool into your work ethic can launch a thousand great ideas into thriving businesses.
2- Scale Your Confidence
Tony maps the ins and outs to projecting a sense of confidence in your work, and what best practices to apply when both, starting out and stepping into yourself.
3- Employ Your Inner Entrepreneur
What does it take to begin disrupting? This lesson explores how an entrepreneurial mindset, characterised by Tony’s constant exceeding of conventional expectations and risk-taking, unlocked his potential!
4- Your Workplace Reflects You
When Tony Fernandes left Warner Music, he managed the move knowing that the music industry had swayed from his individual mission. Draw from his experiences, as he highlights the most significant of his beliefs: That success is unattainable without belief in your workplace, its vision, and its impact.
5- Embrace Lightbulb Moments
In starting a high-risk airline with no prior experience, Tony fragments the transformative power of having a purpose-driven vision, and taking that leap from a stable corporate job to an entrepreneurial arena despite overwhelming advice against it.
6- Know A Person Who Knows Another, And Another
Purchasing a struggling airline for One Ringgit, taking on significant debt, and navigating the aftermath of 9/11! In the whirlwind of believing in one’s business model, Tony illustrates the value of networking and seizing opportunities, even under unlikely circumstances.
7- Put Wings on A Fairy Tale
As his mission broadened, Tony was sure not to let the more microscopic aspects slip away. What does it mean to charge separately for baggage and meals? Or, what is a pair of steps to an aerobridge? As options go, Tony highlights the importance of convincing others of your vision and the enduring impact of such a revolutionary approach to detail.
8- Map Out A Leadership Journey
How is true leadership proven in adversity? The eighth lesson narrates Tony’s hands-on response to the Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 crash, demonstrating his specific approach to direct engagement and accountability during difficult times— In turn, setting a new standard in crisis management.
9- Keep It Current
As technology and culture expand, staying ahead of the curve becomes no easy feat. Learn Tony’s method to the madness of staying afloat within the ever-evolving market, as he dialogues technological changes, artificial intelligence, and how to remain forward-thinking.
10- Curate Your Team
There is no ‘I’ in Tony— and no ‘I’ in ‘team’ either. Explore Tony’s specific employee-culture, and how to empower a team to think entrepreneurially, when fostering a culture where everyone feels responsible for the business’s success and is encouraged to innovate.
11- Winning A Losing Battle
In reflection, Tony speaks on his notable ventures within various industries; Such as, his stints participating in Formula One and shareholding in a football club. The eleventh lesson breaks the stigma of financial losses, instead holding an emphasis on how to resolve these consequences into productive business practices.
12- In It For The Long Haul
Thematic to the tale, alongside the rest of Tony’s course is a conclusive importance of inner strength and perseverance, particularly when facing setbacks like the COVID-19 pandemic or the loss of an aircraft, underscoring that true grit is most needed and revealed during tough times.

All the courses in the DIRI programme have something interesting to share. Depending on what you prefer, choose the one that suits you best or choose as many as you want, as each marvellous mentor gives you something different to think about and incorporate into your life.

Tan Sri Nazir Razak’s course is very interesting too. It gives a different perspective on many things. I personally like the part about “Second Impressions” as it’s something I had never really thought about before. Everyone talks about “First Impressions” but by listening to him, you realise that there’s a chance to make a better “Second Impression”, if that’s what it takes to reach your goals.

He shares about how having been born with a silver spoon can actually be a disadvantage at times. When he was a fresh graduate and he first applied for a job at CIMB, he was rejected as they assumed he would not be willing or able to put in the hard work, long hours and dedication required for the job. He had to try again, appeal and convince them that he had the qualities and grit to do the job well. He shares that his life has been about building “Second Impressions” as people have tended to judge him based on what they hear of him.

An inspiring man who has so much to share, the best way to glean all the knowledge he can share on achieving success in the corporate world is to sign up for the course.

The course with Datuk Nicol David is also worth looking at. It has many exhilarating moments as she shares the story about the match where she was lagging so far behind that it was almost impossible in the eyes of onlookers that she could win, but win, she did! She shares insights on how to focus and also live life in a fulfilling way and it’s done in a warm, friendly manner that uplifts learners.

Are you already convinced to try one of the courses? From what I’ve experienced with a few of them, the courses give valuable insights which are presented in a great way. For those who are still in the corporate world, young entrepreneurs or motivated students, I think they will find the courses inspiring and helpful. In fact, anyone who is looking for personal growth and development will also probably enjoy these courses and find something useful to enhance their lives and make it better!

DIRI is offering an exclusive opportunity for learners. For a limited time, their courses are available for RM149 each course, discounted from RM199, with 1-year access. This offer presents an exceptional chance for individuals to invest in their personal development at an accessible price point to encourage lifelong learning. Check out diri.my for more information on DIRI.

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