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Minimalist or Maximalist? What sets them apart and what’s in-between.

Which is it for you? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? How do you know which is your style aesthetic and is there, perhaps, some middle ground?

It is no secret that Minimalism in fashion and design, began with the philosophy of living with less. Rejecting loud fads and trends, it is a wardrobe that consists of well curated ensembles screaming effortlessness and a chic aesthetic. Meant to stand the test of time no matter the season or latest craze, minimalism embraces neutrality and clean lines.

Ella of @scatteringofstyle and Savina of @savinaofficial

Minimalist Instagram blog queens – Savina of @savinaofficial and Ella of @scatteringofstyle live their sustainable lifestyles in a monochromatic toned heaven. Black, white, tan and cream are the dream team of hues only to be accentuated by a delicate accessory around the neckline or the toting of a small handbag.

Maximalism, on the other hand, is about having more and being more. The whole idea of this aesthetic is to embrace extravagance. Live loudly, boldly and chaotically, with every item of clothing a statement piece. This aesthetic of excess has been around for decades but the post pandemic era has really gotten many bloggers not wanting to hold back.

Sara of @saracamposarcone and Thalia of @polychrom3

Thalia of @polychrom3 and Sara of @saracamposarcone are truly living their most colourful and bright lives as they blog about Maximalism on Instagram. Unapologetic for the colours, prints, textures that they choose to don on a daily basis, it is truly a marvel to see how each startling piece is chosen to be worn with another and quite skillfully done so too.

Looking perhaps at a more in depth level, what typically would the habits of those practicing these aesthetics look like?

Maximalists love to shop especially when in search of that unique piece. It is a hobby turned skill that provides a way of self expression while broadcasting their personality.

Due to the core idea of minimalism being less is more, minimalists don’t shop. Rather, they view it as a waste of time and money and would instead use those resources to invest in more memorable adventures.

Maximalists obsess over one-of-a-kind possessions while minimalists are happy with finding a recipe that works and in multiple monochromatic shades. Like their own personal uniform.

Minimalists are long sighted in the fact that they deeply believe it is of the utmost priority and responsibility to invest in quality items that last a long time. Meanwhile, maximalists have a more whimsical approach placing importance on having variety so that there is something to match their mood, the season or an event.

Victoria Magrath of @victoria

With these obvious stark differences, can there be an overlap of the two style genres? Perhaps there can be! Pictured above is Victoria Magrath of @victoria who perfectly threads the line with her minimalist clean line aesthetic that is oh so stylishly combined with maximalist styling and colour.

The same goes for those with a love for the loud and chaotic as it does not necessarily reflect every facet of one’s life. A maximalist may very well practice a minimalist mindset where everything has a purpose and/or reason for existing in your space.

So minimalism and maximalism do not just live in black and white but definitely resides a little in the grey. Both fashion and design choices are about being intentional with what matters to you. So while you may subscribe to one, you may learn to like(or love) both!

So, I ask you again. Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Reflect on the kind of life you wish to live and dress for it accordingly.

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