Brilliance in the Kitchen

If you love whipping up delicious offerings in your kitchen, then you must pay a visit to KitchenAid at Bangsar Village 2, Level 1. Their innovative products have been made for makers for more than a hundred years. Why do users love them? Well, since the start, KitchenAid has designed tools with the Maker in mind—all crafted to open a door to new possibilities and help every Maker get the most out of making. An iconic brand with more than 100 years of history, they’ve always given credit to the makers who have inspired the brand since 1919. Presently, the brand continues to look to the future as it celebrates the innovation, originality and creativity that will inspire the next century of making.

The kitchen becomes a place of joy and inspiration with KitchenAid. The brand offers a broad range of appliances including their iconic stand mixer that features a diverse array of attachments which transforms it into a true culinary center. There are also stand blenders and food processors to countertop oven and small appliances to fit all your needs.

When creating the most iconic, innovative and advanced products in the world, the brand continuously seeks to understand the needs of those who love to cook. With their dedication, KitchenAid will continue to make history alongside the makers who have motivated the brand since the beginning.

Everything should fit easily in your cooking and baking space and enhance it. Their store is decked with an entire wall of KitchenAid Stand Mixers in almost any colour you can imagine, The KitchenAid Store carries a complete range of KitchenAid products, tools and gadgets as well as full range of stand mixer attachments. What’s more, the Resident baker often conducts baking classes and workshops for stand mixer attachments for customers and anyone interested in KitchenAid products.

For the Cooks, The Creators, The Bakers and Brewers, For the Doers and The Dabblers, The Masters and The Misfits, For the Tasters and Testers, From The Meal Planners to Party Preppers, For All Those Who Don’t Cook to Live, But Live to Cook, This is For You! Clearly, KitchenAid is MADE FOR MAKERS. Why wait? Be a maker who brings joy by satisfying cravings for good meals and desserts.

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