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Sacoor Blue’s new space invites you to discover the brand’s philosophy of living a more balanced lifestyle.

Sacoor Blue has launched its second store in Malaysia at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. Discover the store as you explore your fashion options at this massive mall. Sacoor Blue has a DNA that champions a fresh new attitude. Drawing inspiration from the countryside homes in South Portugal, green elements are incorporated throughout the interior to give a down-to-earth feel and the overall effect is a calming ambience with wooden details and vibrant foliage.

DJ, Teera Oliviaé

During the opening, shoppers were greeted by uplifting mixes played by guest DJ, Teera Oliviaé as they browsed through the store which offers apparel ranging from everyday essentials to well-cut suits.

Hariz Hamdan

Familiar faces were spotted striking a pose in front of the captivating Sacoor Blue pop in. Among them were celebrities and interesting people like actor Dini Schatzmann, national gymnast Sharul Aimy, actor Hariz Hamdan and music artist Rizal Rasid.

Dini Schatzmann
Sharul Aimy, Malaysian Gymnast

The Sacoor Group, originates from Lisbon, Portugal and has been present in the fashion world for 33 years. It designs elegant and aspirational collections for men, women and children encompassing several brands: Sacoor Brothers, Sacoor Outlet, Sacoor Kids, Sacoor One, and most recently, Sacoor Blue.

Discover more about the Sacoor brands by browsing in their stores. I especially love their shirts for both women and men, as the fit is good and they help the wearer look great when worn – to events or even interviews, when it comes to the more formal shirts.

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