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Why do you need a Health Check?

It is easy to ignore the possibility of an illness when you are apparently healthy or keeping well. Moreover, one will usually not think about contracting any ailments unless they experience symptoms that cannot be ignored. However, given how easily different diseases and conditions are affecting people of all ages these days, going for regular health screening is advisable. After all, prevention is better than cure.

There is a lingering fear among those who do health screening tests as they are afraid of the outcome. However, this is not a good enough reason to avoid them.

Hence, we share with you the benefits of getting yourself checked on time:

A finger prick test can help diagnose if someone has diabetes, high cholesterol or high uric acid levels.

1. Provides information about general health and if one has any underlying disease or condition.

Risk factors of heart disease

2. Helps to determine the risk of contracting a particular disease. For example, high cholesterol and high blood pressure increases the risk of contracting heart disease.

Doing regular mammograms especially for woman >40 years of age can detect early stage breast cancer.

3. With an early diagnosis, one can treat ailments like cancer before it gets worse.

Symptoms of ailments like blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels can be treated by either making lifestyle changes or by taking medications.

4. Reduce health care costs as early detection allows preliminary treatment to manage diseases.

Staff who have got eye problems like cataract and glaucoma can be screened and interventions like laser surgeries and drops can be prescribed by the specialist. Hence, staff productivity may improve as staff has better vision now.

5. Improve personal productivity as early detection of ailments can manage debilitating symptoms.

Doctors or other health professionals may share information on health using brochures/ magazines or via e-newsletters.

6. Receive information for staying healthy now and in the future.

Happy staff, happy company, lower claims and reduced mortality rate.

7. Lowers mortality rate and improve quality of life of employee.

Last but not least, get checked before it’s too late!

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