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Feel Renewed By Opening Up Your Energy Pathways at OneNess Holistic

Just stepping into OneNess Holistic already gave me good vibes. The place was welcoming and it had a good feel to it. I was excited to try one of the treatments there as I had heard that each treatment they offer is something unique and unforgettable. The staff who greeted me were attentive and friendly and I immediately knew that the experience would be a great one.

What is promised is a Journey to Holistic Wellbeing. A new luxury holistic wellness centre, OneNess Holistic made its debut in KL, opening its doors in August 2023. The location is great as it’s on the top floor (30th floor) of VE Hotel, Bangsar South. It is credited as Malaysia’s first Mind-Body-Spirit Bodywork Vibrational Healing Centre and Qi Energy Experience Centre … and this is precisely why I knew that any treatment here would be different from any other that I’ve tried before.

The inception of OneNess Holistic is rooted in its parent company, OneNess Concept Mind-Body-Spirit School, which combines its exclusive therapy with the precise use of Colour Energy Flower Essence Energy to assist clients in vibrational healing through the body as an entry point.

What was explained is that the mind and body are interconnected; the mind can influence the body, and the body can restrain the mind. The mind is the source: through mind-body-spirit bodywork, it breaks down the physical blockages projected from the mind such as anxiety, depression, stress, sadness and anger. This is achieved by opening the energy pathways to adjust the mind.

Anyone with a stressful job needs this. We live in an era of intense workplace competition, causing many psychological issues to arise, and the mind, in turn, affects the nervous system, leading to a vicious cycle from body to mind to spirit.

What OneNess Holistic offers is not just mental solace but the seamless operation of the entire mind-body-soul system. To address your needs, OneNess Holistic offers four main treatments:

1. Full-Body Chakra Deep Balancing Bodywork (90 mins): This balances and purifies the entire energy system from head to toe, allowing energy, life force, prana (initial energy) to flow smoothly through energy channels to nourish the whole body. The vibrational healing process combines torsion field technology to purify the space and calm the mind. The deep massage process uses seven types of high-penetration Deeksha Chakra Colour Energy Flower Essences to calibrate energy. Then, it adds the golden abundant photon flower wave colour oil to initiate circulation, driving the flow of energy throughout the body. Finally, more than 40 types of high-frequency flower essence photon (biophotonics) are applied to stimulate the energy network system that connects your body, emotions and mind, illuminating your entire being and restoring your health and vitality.

2️. Deep Abdominal Bodywork for Emotional Release (45 mins): Here, one enjoys deep vibrational healing of the reproductive and navel chakras, driving away depression and restlessness. It is said that more than 90% of serotonin and 50% of dopamine secretion in the body occurs in the abdomen. As such, imbalances in the reproductive and navel chakras prevent you from experiencing happiness and joy, reflecting most of life’s issues. Did you know that the intestines are often referred to as the second brain, as they have over a billion nerve cells? In simple terms, gastrointestinal discomfort will severely affect the brain and the functioning of the body’s organs. If you feel unwell and experience a sense of loss, this will make it easy for you to fall into fatigue, low moods, irritability and an inability to focus. Consequently, this can affect all key relationships in your life, including financial relationships. The lack of inner strength will manifest as bloating, poor digestion, urinary system and gynecological problems, and will lead to excessive grievances or irritability and a series of negative emotions. This deep bodywork process uses restorative Deeksha Chakra Colour Energy Flower Essences to decode emotional buttons. It combines golden abundant photon flower wave colour oil, Gaia energy ceramic plates and deep breaths to relax stiffness and restore soft tissue elasticity. The treatment helps you dispel bad moods and regain a sense of well-being.

3️. Deep Chest & Breast Bodywork for Empowerment (45 mins): Today, more and more research shows the importance of self-love. If you don’t love yourself, it’s difficult to help or love others effectively or wholeheartedly either. This treatment opens the vessel of self-love in the body to embrace the experience of abundant love. Various symptoms and diseases in the chest, heart or allergies, as well as breathing, immune system or removal of female organs, reflect the frozen ability to love. Energy that cannot flow smoothly leads to an excessively heavy upper body or discomfort that is difficult to relieve. These reflect the defense mechanisms of fearing rejection, and the blocking of the heart chakra represents the unconscious push of pleasure in life! When one cannot love oneself, it is like self-destruction, resulting in a weak immune system and damage to the vagus nerve (parasympathetic nerve fibers), making us vulnerable to disease, leading to circulatory, respiratory, digestive and other dysfunctions. When the energy in the chest is transformed, it brings upon radiant skin. Smooth breathing helps eliminate pseudo-wrinkles such as crow’s feet and various fine lines by helping to solve dehydration problems. The vibrational healing process uses restorative Deeksha Chakra Colour Energy Flower Essences to open the ‘heart power’, allowing us to reconcile with ourselves, gradually making each healing better than yesterday!

4. Deep Cranial Bodywork With Ear-Candling Essence For Deep Mental Recharge (45 mins): This guides deep relaxation and relieves nervous tension. Various issues in the mind and body all stem from the imbalances in the mind – sleep quality, brain pressure, blood pressure issues, dizziness, headaches, cervical pain, fatigue, ageing, memory decline, hearing and tinnitus. This is because the head has nearly 200 acupoints, connecting and permeating the internal organs. In simple terms, deep facial and cranial healing stimulates a larger surface area. By supplying the brain with more blood and oxygen, it rapidly adjusts and improves subhealth and delays cell aging throughout the body. The deep bodywork process focuses on purifying the deep imprints in consciousness, while the detoxification and stress reduction of the head are achieved through photon ear candling therapy (a unique ancient method produced by a spiral manufacturing process). The principle of siphoning effectively absorbs excess water vapor and bacteria in the ear canal, restoring balance to the head and raising spirituality. The healthy balance of the head’s chakras, including the forehead chakra and the crown chakra, brings with it keen observation and deep intuitive power, helping us to put thoughts and creativity into practice in the real world.

I must say that the experience I had at OneNess Holistic was wonderful and unlike anything I’ve tried before. Even the water served is healing water and it makes us feel good. I tried the Full-Body Chakra Deep Balancing Bodywork (90 mins) treatment. My therapist Pei Yin was fantastic and willing to explain and give her best. Her healing hands made me feel rejuvenated and I felt like a renewed person. I felt lighter and happier when I walked out of the treatment room. Clearly my body and mind had undergone a transformation for the better. The treatments here are indeed something to try, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit down and out or miserable or depressed. Excessive anxiety also is a sign your body, mind and soul are crying out for help. It’s obviously time that blocked energy in your body has to be released and OneNess Holistic aims to assist you to do this. The result will be a better and more joyful you!

The good news is that OneNess Holistic is presently offering affordable rates and pre-launch packages to enable the general public to experience deep mind-body-spirit bodywork like never before. In addition, this holistic wellness centre features the Qi Energy Experience Centre. It allows visitors to experience what a torsion field is, and how it can quickly relax the mind and body, increase concentration, relieve stress and more.

If you are reading this and feeling excited without knowing exactly why, it means your body is calling out and asking you to nurture it. The discounted prices and pre-launch packages are for a limited time only, so don’t miss the opportunity to quickly recharge your body! When the chance to try something good comes up, always check it out as you don’t want to have regrets later.

If what you desire is deep harmony and tranquility as well as clear and beautiful thoughts, OneNess Holistic can definitely help you! Contact OneNess Holistic’s therapists at +601 24134288 or visit https://bit.ly/1-TO-1-CS_Holistic to reach them. Follow them at https://www.facebook.com/OneNessHolistic or https://www.instagram.com/onenessconcept/

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