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Tips to Boost Your Water Intake

Struggling to stay hydrated?

Forcing yourself to drink more water every day seems torturous and boring. But with some simple tricks and with some fun rules for yourself, adding more water intake to your body should not be difficult.

After all, water makes up 70% of your body and is vital to your health. Dehydration can lead to zapped energy levels, brain fog, increased fatigue, poor digestion and dry skin.

Here are some good tips that will boost your daily water intake. Do try to to drink up to a minimum of 8 glasses daily.

1. Add flavorings such as fruits, veggie slices and herbs to water.

2. Use phone reminders to remind you to drink more water.

3. Keep a bottle of water nearby all the time.

4. Choose water over sweet drinks. If you are going to take sweet drinks, dilute it with water.

5. Eat water rich fruits and vegetables like cucumber and watermelon.

6. Use a marked water bottle.

7. Carry a water bottle with you whenever you go out.

8. Drink a glass of water before every meal.

Here is a quote on the importance of water:

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