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Tips to Reduce Food Intake at Open House

After one long month of fasting, Hari Raya/ Eid has finally arrived. Hari Raya/Eid is usually celebrated for a month long and it is common for Muslims to visit their family and friends and have meals together. However, many tend to gain weight due to the delicacies consumed.

Hence, here are some tips on how to make wiser and healthier choices during home visits. Also, with these wiser choices, you will deflect the weight gain.

1. Control the quantity and portion size of food

Obesity is directly proportionate to plate size.
  • Use a small plate to help portion your food right! This is because a small plate will fill up faster, making it seem like one has taken a lot of food in their plate.
Quarter Quarter half plate
  • Also, use the quarter quarter half portioning consisting of quarter carbs and protein and half plate of vegetables.

2. Choose foods that are low-calorie, less oil, less fat, and less coconut milk

Pokebowl is one of those wholesome foods low in sugar, salt and oil. This is one of those healthy suggestions to be served during open house.
  • Many of the Raya/ Eid foods are rich in oil, fats and coconut milk. These foods are high in calories and should be consumed minimally. It is advisable for healthier options instead of oily and fatty foods. For example,
  • Choose fresh fruits over sweet deserts like cakes
  • Choose steamed or roasted chicken instead of fried chicken
  • Choose home cooked foods instead of junk food
  • This will help to keep your calorie intake and weight in check!

3. Choose high fibre food to avoid constipation

Serve fresh fruits instead of kuih during open houses to reduce calorie intake.

Many times, Eid food is rich in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Limited vegetables and fruits are served. Hence, it is common for people to suffer from constipation. To avoid this, one should consume foods that are high in fibre! For example:

  • Eat more fruits instead of sweet and fatty delicacies
  • Request for vegetable side dishes with meals
  • Enquire from the house owner which of the foods are whole grains.

4. Drink plain water instead of carbonated drinks or sweetened drinks

Serve water infused with fruits instead of carbonated drinks
  • During house visits, drink more plain water instead of carbonated drinks or sweetened drinks!
  • To make your water more refreshing and flavourful, you can add in ice, squeeze in some lemon juice or cut some lemon slices or even put in mint leaves.

5. Limit the intake of salty foods

Chips are usually high in salt content

Besides sweet delicacies, savoury foods are also often served during Eid. However, these foods are usually high in salt which increases the risk of getting high blood pressure. So, be sure to consume them in moderation no matter how yummy they are.

Serve more vegetables during open houses to boost fibre intake and also to make Eid meals more wholesome.

To practice healthy eating during Hari Raya, be sure to follow the tips above! It’s not wrong to indulge during Hari Raya celebration but be sure to eat responsibly so that one will not regret later on.

To all Muslims that are celebrating, Wise-Mag wishes you a blessed Eid and a Selamat Hari Raya!


Makan Secara Sihat di Hari Raya. Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

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