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Coterie by Celest Thoi at The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Fashion shows and events are back in a big way and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur which was held not too long ago drew big crowds of fashion-conscious people who were happy that life seems to have gone back to normal in the world of style, after the pandemic years.

Certainly a top highlight of the Fashion Week was Celest Thoi’s collection and everyone waited with bated breath to see what this talented designer would present. It was certainly worth the wait as the clothes were stylish, fashionable and easy-to wear. Of course, if you have a slim body, the clothes would look fantastic but what could be seen is that no matter what your body shape, you could carry off these designs with panache too. Celest did it again with lovely designs that appealed to everyone.

The show had a beautiful background and the choreography of everything was superb. The green in the background juxtaposed perfectly with the chic, attractive white outfits that the models presented on stage.

The stunning Mercedes-Benz cars in the background further contributed to the magnificence of the fashion show. Adding to the exhilaration, excitement and fun of the event was the participation of brand partners representing various lifestyle and experiential products and services. Among them were Mercedes-Benz Card, Kimarie Hairdressing, MAC Cosmetics, Braun Buffel, W Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Samsung, Four Pillars, and Chum Churum.

Celest Thoi has always been admired for her white wedding dresses which make a bride’s matrimonial day absolutely perfect. Her new line of casual-chic white range, great for everyday wear, is certainly impressive too. The inspiration came from her coterie group of stylish friends with unifying interests, tastes and lifestyles to comprise essential white shirts, shirt-dresses and simple white dresses that are not only smart and modish, comfort is key too. The Celest Thoi Coterie Collection is certainly what you want to be seen in, if you are someone with style who appreciates fashion and clothes in a class of their own.

By using different textures from white shirting cottons, Celest has designed ensembles that she would wear herself. They are suitable for the multiple rhythms of an ultra-modern woman – one who knows quality, is well-travelled, is empowering and loves life while always looking effortlessly stylish, chic and relaxed. The pieces are uber easy to style and wear. And yes, there were some outfits designed for guys too, and the male models looked great in them.

“Everyone should have a good white shirt as a main staple in your wardrobe” says Celest. She is thrilled by the way fashion is back in a big way, with events like the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week encouraging the industry and all it stands for, to be at the forefront again.

Why wait? Everyone needs something sophisticated in white and a garment from Celest Thoi’s Coterie collection is the perfect choice.

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