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Tips to stay Youthful in the Wise Years

Simply looking youthful while growing older isn’t the secret to aging gracefully. According to a study in the Journal of Aging Research, older adults were most likely to say they were aging well if they maintained a balance of good physical health, mental health and social engagement.

While no one can predict what hardships that might happen as one ages, there are plenty of steps one can take to always feel better and to face any adversities that come.

On this week’s posting, we share with you some tips to transform yourself into the younger version of you coupled with the wisdom and grace to face any challenges.

An old couple playing on a skateboard. Doing things youngsters do makes one feel young

1. Feel Young
Don’t look into the mirror and see your wrinkle lines. Instead, start feeling 10 years younger and do not put a limit to the activities you can do at your age.

Always stay happy and be positive. Take every negative experience as a lesson

2. Be Positive
Be positive in your conversations and your actions every day. When you catch yourself complaining, check yourself and change the conversation to something positive.

Say no to those who are “Negative” as they will bring you down

3. Ditch the Negativity
Distance yourself from people who are naysayers and do not have a positive outlook on life. They will only depress and discourage you. Surround yourself with energetic, happy, positive people of all ages and you will be more positive as well.

Slouching makes one look weak and old; standing straight makes one look young and strong

4. Walk Tall
Analyze your steps. Do you walk slower these days because you have a fear of falling down? Make a conscious effort to take big strides and wear comfortable shoes.

5. Stand Tall
Look at yourself in the mirror and see how you stand. Are your shoulders slouched or upright? Fix your stand and walk as if you own the world. One day, it will just feel natural.

Always go to a dentist to check your pearly whites

6. Care for Your Teeth
Research shows people who smile more often are happier. Your pearly whites are the first things people notice about you. Hence, get your teeth checked at the dentist often.

Keep oneself occupied with activities and good friends

7. Keep Yourself Occupied
If you are feeling lonely, do something about it right now. Pick up the phone and call your friends or family, volunteer your time, take a sewing class or invite someone to meet you for meals.

An elderly lady winning a marathon. This is an example that age is not the barrier to achieve anything that one desires.

8. Stay Fit
Try walking 10,000 steps a day or join a dance group. You will be amazed with the number of new friends you will make and also the amount of weight you might actually lose.

Doctor doing a check up on an elderly patient to view her internal health

9. Get Your Health Checked
Go for your annual physical check-up to get an updated view of your health and body-check-up.

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