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A Blissful Time Awaits at Mangala Estate Boutique Resort

Who would have thought that such a beautiful green paradise can be found in Malaysia? Mangala Estate Boutique Resort exceeds expectations and a visit there recently was a balm for our souls. Located in the picturesque town of Kuantan, Pahang, Mangala Estate Boutique Resort is surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, palm plantations and pristine lakes. It brings you closer to nature and makes you feel that earth is indeed a beautiful place.

Idyllic Paradise – Mangala Estate Boutique Resort

The drive heading there is easy, scenic and comfortable. In a little more than 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, you’ll catch your breath as you suddenly enter into the resort which feels like a whole different world. Immediately, your senses relax as you breathe in the fresh air and look forward to a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. For those who prefer to fly there, it is about 20 minutes from Kuantan’s airport with direct flights from Singapore.

A tropical sanctuary that harmoniously integrates contemporary design with its lush surroundings, it takes inspiration from the Sanskrit word ‘Mangala’ symbolising auspicious well-being. The resort is an eco-conscious destination that engages guests to explore its enchanting 70 acres of lush landscape and a thriving eco-system. As you walk around the resort or use the buggy to move around, you can’t help but marvel at the magnificence of the natural world.

Enjoy scenic views, tranquillity and serenity at Mangala

Nestled within enchanting grounds, there are a variety of different absolutely wonderful villas to choose from. Mangala Estate Boutique Resort presents a splendid collection of 67 villas, each adorned with a distinctive name that embodies its unique character and essence.

Lovely Jala Villas

Jala Villa – Our eyes immediately rested on these lovely villas as we moved around the resort. Poised majestically above the serene lake are the Jala Villas. “Jala,” derived from Sanskrit, beautifully embodies the essence of these ten stilted villas. Each villa blends contemporary design with timeless luxury. Experience the comfort of a king-size bed and unwind at your private balcony, taking in the mesmerising views which will be captured in your memory forever. Luxuriate in the whirlpool tub, as the rain-head shower and skylight create a tranquil ambiance. The Jala Villas are really unique and a stay here would be unlike any other. Just visiting the place for a look, made us wish to stay longer at Mangala to experience what it would be like to spend a night at a Jala Villa.

Sara Villa – If you love Mother Nature and all she has to offer, these villas would be your choice. Overlooking a picturesque wetland, the four Sara Villas offer a haven for nature enthusiasts. Named after the Sanskrit elements representing nature’s beauty, each villa reflects the flow of life, the calmness of air, the grounded earth, and the refreshing rain. With a king-size bed, private veranda, whirlpool tub, separate indoor standing shower, and well-appointed pantry, here is where you can indulge in a seamless blend of elegance and tranquillity. When we were taken to see these villas, we were really impressed and while standing or relaxing at the veranda, we could feel the closeness and beauty of the greenery and natural surroundings. It lulled us into a meditative state which calmed the mind and refreshed our senses.

Vana Villa – The call of the forest can be irresistible. Built upon softly undulating terrain, the Vana (meaning “forest” or “woodland” in Sanskrit) Villas offer a lush backdrop of greenery. Each of the eleven villas is elegantly appointed with a spacious king-size bed for a peaceful night’s sleep. Perfect for those seeking added seclusion, indulge in the exclusive privacy of the four villas featuring a private pool. Like the other villas, these have their own unique selling points too.

The Amani Villas give you a wondrous stay

Amani Villa – A fantastic choice for couples or friends wanting to spend some time together, the word Amani is derived from the Sanskrit word for “without pride” or “humble”. The Amani Villas perfectly complement the essence of this serene retreat. Set amidst slightly terraced land, enveloped by a thriving orchard of mangoes and Musang King durian trees, these elegant semi-detached villas feature a private plunge pool, and an outdoor patio to relax. Some units feature interconnecting doors, allowing for an expanded respite and effortless flow between spaces. The Amani villas are clearly in a wonderful class of their own and really worth staying at.

Family Villa – Time together with the family is to be cherished. Discover absolute privacy and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones at the Family Villas. Guests can choose from a few types of villas designed for families: the 2-Bedroom Jala Villa for relaxation and quality time, the 2-Bedroom Vana Pool Villa with a private pool, or the 2-Bedroom Amani Pool Villa for serene family gatherings. We could excitedly picture what it would mean to stay here for a family holiday, when we looked at these villas. If not with the family, then a group of friends or even colleagues could also come here for a fantastic holiday to bond, relax and pamper themselves.

The Bungalow – This is a luxurious option to choose. Nestled in this tranquil land is the spacious Bungalow which stands as the largest villa on the resort. Originally envisioned as a cherished vacation home, sturdy wooden beams, sourced from sustainable forests were intricately carved to shape the framework, adding a touch of timeless grandeur to the interior. The bungalow unfolds over two levels, revealing a total of six appointed bedrooms for up to twelve adults and five children (under 12 years old). It also features a private pool, a garden and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

One of the Amani villas was where we had the privilege to stay at. From the moment we walked in, we felt like we had entered into a heavenly abode. The place was spacious and the decor inviting. We immediately walked towards the pool which was so enticing and the greenery surrounding the place immediately brought a satisfying feeling into our hearts. It reminded us why life is worth living. When we are enveloped by so much beauty, we start to feel grateful for each breath that we take.

Inside an Amani Villa – The ambience is marvellous

The two nights there were heavenly indeed. While we wanted to explore the surroundings at the resort, we were also so tempted to just stay in the villa and chill. The bathrooms were huge and the amenities all we could ask for. We were also thrilled that the shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap provided were from the L’Occitane brand. This was luxurious indeed!

Every little extra free time we had for leisure was gladly spent in the room. My favourite spot was near the private pool where I found I could relax and my mind became totally contented and calm. I even had the chance to enjoy watching a squirrel foraging for food in the trees, while I rested on my poolside chair. Time felt still as though it had slowed down a few notches and my mind was transported into a serene, heavenly space.

We also indulged in an exquisite floating afternoon tea experience in our private pool. Delectable treats and refreshing beverages were served on a charming floating try. It’s an experience we truly relished.

Floating Afternoon Tea Experience

This whole experience is certainly something not to be missed. Given a chance, everyone should book a stay at one of the villas at Mangala.

The Dining Experience
What’s a holiday without good food to nourish ourselves? The menus at Mangala offer imaginative twists on local fares, international classics, and refreshing beverages, creating a gastronomic paradise. From farm-to-table delights to palate pleasers, indulge in a culinary journey that will captivate your senses.

Estate Dining – Situated at a convenient, lovely area, this all-day dining outlet presents a delectable array of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The venue is bright and spacious with expansive glass panels, allowing natural daylight to illuminate the space. A private room is available for group dining.

Estate Dining where you can enjoy delicious meals
Delectable breakfast
Mamak Mee with big, tasty prawns

Whenever it was time for food, we looked forward to trying the many dishes available. The Garlic Butter Pasta and Lamb dish deserve special mention. The Mamak Mee Goreng came with huge, tasty prawns. We are still thinking of how delicious these tasted. The other items on the menu were also great and the offerings during breakfast were delectable. We truly enjoyed sitting at the lovely area while looking out to the lush scenery outside when starting the day with a satisfying breakfast.

Special set-up for a memorable dining experience

Experiential Dining – This is available at the resort for those who want this special service. Indulge in an intimate or celebratory dining experience you will always remember. Whether it’s by the serene lakeside, the inviting pool or other enchanting spaces, the resort can help you curate a memorable evening.

Poolside Bar – Here, one can delight in seasonal cocktails, crafted with inspiration while enjoying awe-inspiring vistas by the infinity pool.

The Infinity Pool is impressive

The Mangala Experience

Out of this world indeed, are the Mangala offerings. From indulgent spa treatments to stimulating fitness activities and immersive adventures for all ages, their thoughtfully crafted experiences revitalise the mind, body, and soul, fostering a sense of tranquillity and rediscovery.

Mangala Spa – The Mangala Spa delivers a sublime experience. Surrender to the healing hands of skilled therapists as it serves as the perfect escape to indulge in a blissful spa experience amidst lush tropical landscapes and serene lakes. Their comprehensive spa menu features a range of restorative and rejuvenating treatments, including body massages, facials, detox baths, and body wraps.

A delightful massage room at Mangala Spa

We tried the Urutan Malaysia massage which combines the best of traditional Malay and other massage techniques, such as Indian head massage, Chinese Qi Gong and reflexology. It was indeed different and so satisfying. My body felt as though it had renewed itself after the session. What I also appreciated was the room in which I had the massage. The view of the serene lake and flora outside made me feel truly pampered. It’s hard to describe the whole experience in words. You have to try it to fully appreciate it.

Recreation – A range of on-site activities and excursions are also offered at the resort. Let the art of archery sharpen your focus, the rhythmic paddle boat rides soothe your soul, and the exhilarating kayaking adventures ignite your spirit.

Fun recreation activities at Mangala

MY Explorer Kids’ Club – There are activities for the children too. Mangala Young Explorer Kids’ Club (MY Explorer Kids’ Club) provides a play room to have fun at and make new friends with enjoyable activities.

Sustainability at the heart of Mangala

On an experiential tour of the resort with Nurul Hanum, Director of Sales, we learnt many more interesting things about the resort. She enthusiastically explained why Mangala Estate Boutique Resort is so fantastic and what I loved was that everything here has been thought out so carefully. They even grow vegetables and fruits which we can enjoy while dining. It was clear that the owners of this resort and the people behind it are passionate about the project. Driven by a firm commitment to sustainability and mindfulness, we found out that Mangala Estate embodies ethical principles that prioritise zero deforestation policy. The resort has also implemented a range of sustainable strategies such as installation of water irrigation systems and solar panels to champion regenerative energy. We were impressed by the large area where the solar panels to harness the sun’s energy could be clearly seen.

Lush and full of greenery, Mangala is really a lovely place to go to for a vacation

This conscientious approach coupled with dedication and persistence has led to a remarkable transformation of the land making it into the beautiful place it is now, flourishing with palm trees, serene lakes, abundant flora and fauna, undisturbed wetlands – all restored to its natural glory. It’s so hard to believe this was barren land in the past. The transformation is certainly to be marvelled at and admired.

Head to Mangala Estate Boutique Resort for an unforgettable vacation you will love. An anniversary or a big milestone to celebrate is the perfect excuse to indulge in a stay here. Or, if there is a big occasion, it is an outstanding place to host a party at or hold a function like a wedding at. While there, we got a chance to see a resplendent wedding reception. It could also be a place for a getaway wedding during which time important people, close friends and relatives all come to enjoy a stay while taking part in the different ceremonies that nuptials often require.

Magnificent night view of the resort

If not for a wedding, then we should all hope the company we work for books this place for an unforgettable getaway or company trip. Or maybe, we might be lucky enough to be invited for the launch of a new product here. All this is pleasurable daydreaming that we hope becomes reality soon! Mangala Estate Boutique Resort is certainly a destination to desire.

For more information about stays, rooms, festive packages, promotional packages etc., at Mangala Estate Boutique Resort, whatsapp wa.me/60132426788, call +609-5057788 or email sales@mangalaestate.com.

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