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Golf For Beginners: How To Start Learning Easily

Ask any golfer, and you will hear that golf is the most excellent game the world has to offer. The prospect of beginning from scratch can be a daunting and intimidating one, however. To help you get past the challenges of the beginning, here is a guide to getting started in the grand sport of golfing.

Start on a Range

Leave the golf course for later in your golfing journey. In the beginning, use a practice range. This is the perfect place for acclimating yourself to the necessary motions and degree of power needed. Ranges are low pressure, permitting you to remain for as long a duration as you desire. Do not worry about other people at the range. No one will be judging you. They are either beginners or have been through the beginner stage and remember what it was like.Continue with an Instructor

The good news about starting from the very beginning is that you do not know much about bad habits to be unlearned. An instructor will answer all your questions, ensure that you start establishing good habits, and help you develop your burgeoning skills. A PGA professional has been trained to teach the game to those in your position. Ask around for recommendations about reputable instructors.Return to Basics as Needed

It is easy to overthink golf. The amount of information available on the topic is vast, and instruction can numb the mind. A new golfer such as yourself can compulsively read and watch resources on various aspects of the sport and become overwhelmed. 

When you find yourself becoming burnt out, return to basics. Get yourself in a proper setup, checking your posture and ball position, and then give a good, relaxed swing through to a complete finish. Over-thinking leads to tension, which disrupts your game.Start with the Right Clubs for Beginners

First, know that you only require a few clubs. Just because you are permitted a whopping 14 clubs in your golf bag does not mean you need nearly that number when setting out. Start, instead, with a putter, a driver, and a sand wedge, supplemented with a 6-iron, a pitching wedge, an 8-iron, and a hybrid or fairway wood that boasts a loft of 18-21 degrees. These clubs are forgiving and permit for getting airborne with ease.

Remember that you want more loft. This makes getting the ball into the air more accessible and reducing sidespin for shots that fly straighter. Drivers should have a loft of at least 10 degrees, while fairway woods should start not at 15 degrees but 17 degrees.Know Your Shots

When to chip instead of when to pitch is necessary basic knowledge when setting out to golf. A chip shot runs along the ground, staying low. A pitch does not roll as much, flying much higher. 

There is quite a bit of green between the hole, and you and the ball need not lift over obstacles like bunkers or deep roughs and use a chip. For carrying over something, or in circumstances when you need the ball to stop more rapidly, use a pitch. A pitch’s extra height lends to a softer landing and a faster halt. A golf swing analyzer app can help you with different shots, receiving lessons from pros who receive your swings for analysis.Utilize Athleticism

Beginning golfers can find themselves mired in the details of making a swing; this can occur to the degree that the wayside loses athletic instincts. You can use other sports imagery to help your golf game. 

For example, at an address, stand ready like a basketball defender. When performing a backswing, remember a quarterback rearing back to throw a pass, with your arm stretched toward the back, body coiled. When you perform a downswing, emulate a hockey player who is striking a slap shot.

Many books have been filled with the basics of golf. These are several tips that help give you the grounding you need to get started, but nothing beats an instructor and the assistance of a good app. Make use of all the help at your disposal to step up into the ranks of experienced golfers.

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