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How to Manifest Your Deepest Desires?

All of us have our desires, needs and wants that we feel will make our life more meaningful and fulfilled. When we do not get what we want, we pine, worry and long for them.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can get all that we desire?

You can definitely get all that you desire and it’s called the Law of Attraction. There are 8 steps in this Law and I have listed it below.

If you do it right, you will never worry or shed a tear for your desires. You will only relax, have fun and wait for the desire to come at the right time. The steps are as below:

1. Be clear and specific with your request.

2. Make sure your request is not selfish and for the betterment of you and your family.

3. Let the desire go and have faith.

4. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself and work hard to achieve your desires.

5. Do not be obsessed with the desire. Believe it will come at the right time. It is similar to ordering food at the restaurant.

6. Doubting your desire is normal but make sure your faith is stronger than your doubt and your desire will manifest.

7. Listen to where your intuition takes you.

8. Feel like the desire is already yours and be in gratitude mode.

Remember, nothing happens without hard work.

Also, manifestation is not some magic spell. It’s just being more aware towards opportunities that come your way and being more receptive to your intuition.

Here are some true succesful manifestation stories:

Story 1- Manifesting Dream Partner

Jennifer had been looking for a life partner for a long time as all her friends were getting married. She had only three criteria for her partner, devout Catholic, goes to church and is a great human being. She changed jobs and met a guy who was 4 years younger than her. She did not give much thought about their friendship as he was friendly with everyone. One day, he told her he liked her and she thought, “let’s give him a chance”, as he fit her criteria. They got married a year later and are now blessed with a son.

Story 2-Manifesting Dream Business

Alia always wanted to have her own business for the past 5 years but she did not know what she wanted to sell. She did dabble here and there in the food business and clothes and it turned out quite well for her. However, since Covid crept in and crippled the economy, she had been quite scared to invest all into her business.

At one point, she gave up on her own-business dream and started working in the same company as her husband. One day, she came across this flower making business and started attending classes. Her sister got married and she did the flower deco for her wedding dais. Little did she know, the guests found her sister’s wedding dais to be so beautiful, they started pushing her towards doing their relatives and friends’ dais. She took it as a hobby only to realise that she could not keep up with the requests. Hence, she is now full-time into her dais business and is doing very well. She has finally realised her dream of doing her own business.

Story 3-A child’s Manifested Dream

When Ravi was 10 years old, he listed down his desires in his diary. Some of his desires were having his own house with a particular type of staircase, having a kind and loving wife, having a Honda car and so many other cute things a 10-year-old can think off. When he was 50, he found that diary again and found that all the little wishes a 10-year-old whimsically wrote had come true. This shows that Ravi subconsciously worked towards his dream.

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