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Daily Habits that Will Reform Your Day

Habits are a funny thing, some we are aware of but the majority we are blissfully unaware of because the definition of a habit is something we do automatically and for the most part — subconsciously.

As per the quote by Vince Lombardi, “Watch Your Actions, They Become Your Habits, Watch Your Habits, They Become Your Character”.

Your habits determine who you are and your future. So, don’t let negative habits hold you back. Start incorporating these simple yet essential habits as per below for a happier, fruitful and more productive life:

1-hour exercise

A 1 hour exercise keeps you refreshed and energetic and allows you to make it through your day smoothly.

2 litre’s of water

A 2 liter bottle that allows you to keep track of your daily water intake

3 daily affirmations

Daily Affirmations to repeat throughout the day

4 songs that motivate you

Might want to hear this songs to keep you geared up throughout the day

5 serving of vegetables and fruits

Example of 1 serving of fruits/vegetables

6 heart-warming hugs

If you have no one to hug, hug a teddy bear and it will release feel good hormones.

7 pages of a book

The more book one reads, the more knowledgeable one becomes

8 hours of sleep

Sleeping like a baby helps us repair new cells and boost our immune system

9 things to be grateful for

Be grateful for all that you have and all that you have achieved

10 minutes of meditation

10 minutes of meditation helps to calm the mind and better helps create focus to get through the day.

Adapted from: Chris Saad, Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life.  

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