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Maristar and Tangoo collaborated to present a Superb Fashion Show

It was an exciting evening that ran into the night at Maristar when Tangoo presented their fashion show recently. While everyone was waiting in anticipation for the show, delicious delicacies from Maristar’s menu were served. The premium oysters and seafood were delectable and when the dessert items were served later, everyone could only smile in delight as they savoured every bite.

Tangoo’s designs always stand out

The guest list was impressive with the presence of celebrities, KOLs, socialites, the media and important people from the lifestyle, luxury and fashion industry, who came to the event as everyone knew it would be fun and exciting.

Front row, from left: Eric Yeong, Elizabeth Marini and Moses Law posing with the models

Elizabeth Marini, the Vice president of The Marini’s Group was there at the event to greet the guests and make sure everyone had a great time. Lovely and gracious, she was dressed in a Tangoo outfit that looked fabulous on her. Tangoo is the first Malaysian brand chosen to showcase at Maristar.

Datin Winnie Loo of A Cut Above, who is always inspiring in many ways, was invited to give a talk about fashion during the event, before the show. We enjoyed hearing what she had to say about style and how we can look great by being confident and by choosing attire that suits us.

Datin Winnie Loo
Elizabeth Marini and her daughter

An eclectic selection of models were featured during the show and this made it more interesting and unique. The showcase was curated by Jimmy Ong.

Step out in Exotic Eclectic fashion

When the show started, we stepped into the world of ‘Tangoo’, a name that resonates with artistic innovation and boundless creativity. It was clear that this visionary brand knows how to seamlessly blend the essence of global inspiration into every fabric, unveiling a collection that stands as a testament to the beauty that spans continents. From delicate imprints that paid homage to distant lands, to the vibrant hues that echoed cultures yet to be explored, each garment told a unique story of the world’s collective heritage.

The allure of ‘Exotic Eclecticism II’ was hard to resist and the fashion show was clearly in a class of its own. The ‘Tangoo’ fashion show was far more than just a visual spectacle; it took us on an immersive journey into a world where fashion becomes a vibrant form of artistic expression. The interplay of bold patterns, luxurious textiles, and daring colour palettes created a narrative that transcends appearances. With each graceful stride down the runway, models became ambassadors of the seamless connection between human ingenuity and the rich mosaic of global traditions.

A group picture with Jimmy Ong on the far right

Tangoo is an iconic fashion brand that emerged in 2002 from the creative minds of Eric Yeong and Moses Law, two visionary individuals from Malaysia. With a strong bond forged by their adoration for fashion and a shared affinity for the Tango dance, they embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible mark on the industry. Tangoo first captured the hearts of shoppers in Kuala Lumpur’s bustling malls. The brand’s evolution has been extraordinary and it has now firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the Malaysian fashion scene.

As the brand grew in fame, their designs not only enthralled our local audience but also earned them a prestigious invitation to the renowned Paris Fashion Week, a testament to their boundless creativity. Moses Law, the driving force behind Tangoo’s artistic vision, blends meticulous attention to detail with a genuine passion for crafting garments that are as functional as they are beautiful. His partnership with Eric Yeong, whose background in banking brought a fresh perspective, resulted in them masterfully steering the brand towards growth and triumph.

Tangoo’s illustrious journey has been punctuated by an array of prestigious awards, each a resounding testament to their excellence. From the coveted MIFA Best Performance Award and MIFA Pret a Porter Award to the Stylo Best Designer of the Year accolade and the prestigious Arab Saudi Award, their trophy cabinet is a reflection of their commitment to perfection.

Tangoo’s affiliation with Royal Terengganu through Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah revealed their connection to tradition and heritage, seamlessly integrating contemporary design with timeless values. The label’s magnetic appeal has also captivated global media platforms, with interviews gracing the likes of Phoenix Channel HK, NHK Japan, Thailand Fashion Channel, Harper’s Bazaar Thailand, and Damascus Lebanon Fashion Magazine. Tangoo triumphantly returned to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2023, gracing the opening show with their opulent collection. The brand today remains at the forefront of the fashion realm, consistently pushing boundaries.

As the year ends and Christmas and the New Year are approaching, why not treat yourself to a stylish and fashionable Tangoo piece. It will be something that adds value to your wardrobe. And certainly, you must pay a visit to Maristar which is wonderful place to spend fun and exciting times with family and friends alike, while enjoying fantastic food.

Everyone was happy after a great job done

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