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Top 8 famous things in Switzerland

The article summarizes the top 8 things to do in Switzerland. It navigates the various places that one can visit and ways to reach different places and things to do.

  • Multilingual nation

There are four official languages spoken in Switzerland namely French, German, Italian and Romansh. Most of the people mainly speak French and Romansh. However it is always possible to find someone who speaks English especially in restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions.

  • Thousand of lakes

Switzerland has become famous for having multiple beautiful lakes. One of the most beautiful and visited is Caumasee lake with green and freshwater tones. Lake Blausee is also one of the most attractive lakes, it became famous due to its clear water that varies between different shades of green and blue. There are many different lakes and are excellent choices for nature lovers. Seeing such a beautiful scenario will definitely make anyone fall in love with Switzerland. 

  • Swiss chocolate

Switzerland produces the best chocolate in the world, being home to the largest chocolate factories and producers. Many factories are open to visitors and it is possible to see the whole process of chocolate production from its preparation to its end process. You will get to experience various chocolate factories such as Maison Cailler and Camille Bloch.

  • Swiss watches 

The world’s biggest and most luxurious watch brands such as Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Audemars Piguet are based in Switzerland. Most of the shops are full of high quality, beautiful and rare watches that attract many people around the world to choose the country as their destination. 

  • Architecture

Switzerland impresses the world with the variety and quality of its architectural works. Travelers can enjoy the country’s architectural work inspired by the medieval era and European culture. The city of Bern has one of the richest architectural styles in Switzerland. It is also possible to find museums with beautiful architecture in the country, a great option for any tour. If you are looking to explore this place, we can assist you or your clients with our reliable limousine transfer service to explore such marvellous sites. 

  • Swiss Alps

Most Swiss cities are surrounded by mountains that create incredible views along with all that nature has to offer in this country. The best is to visit the alps, an ideal attraction for those who wish to love snow and winter sports. Matterhorn and the Jungfraujoch (Highest point and train station in Europe) are considered as one of the most beautiful alps of Switzerland. To be able to visit these places is a unique experience. If you are looking to explore different mountains in the country, we can help you with our comfort limo service to reach out there.

  • Weather

The seasons in Switzerland are well-defined and different. In the spring season, the landscapes are more beautiful and full of color. In summer, the days get hotter with temperatures between 18 to 28 degrees celsius, an ideal time to enjoy the lakes. Between the months of September and December, cities become more beautiful and charming and temperatures drop as low as 3 degrees. After December is the ideal time for skiing during winter, the resorts in the alps are full of tourists and crowded. Just choose your season and enjoy Switzerland the best way you can. 

  • Castles 

There are many castles all over Switzerland, most of them were built in the middle ages. The various castles to visit in Switzerland such as Chillon castle on Geneva lake and castles of Bellinzona (historic place and known to be a world heritage site by UNESCO). Many other castles are worth seeing and are open to travelers.

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