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Sisley sets pulses racing with its Spring Summer 2024 collection

Sisley, the fashion brand renowned for sophistication and style recently set pulses racing with the long-awaited unveiling of its Spring Summer 2024 Collection called “La Dolce Vita”. The party was held at its flagship store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Celebrities who were seen included Christinna Kuan, Idris Khan, Alicia Amin and Vanizha Vasanthanathan who wore pieces from the SS24 collection that showcased a harmonious blend of functionality and romanticism. Nadia Heng was the emcee who did a good job to make the event more fun and lively. From sleek silhouettes to edgy embellishments, each piece narrated a story of urban sophistication and contemporary allure.

From left: Nadia Heng, Vanizha Vasanthanathan, Alicia Amin, Christinna Kuan, Idris Khan and DJ Mjvicious

The Sisley Kuala Lumpur store marked Sisley’s second milestone in its Southeast Asia expansion journey. In the spirit of appreciating life’s simple pleasures, ‘La Dolce Vita’ is a call to celebrate the exquisite beauty found in everyday moments.

Inspiration was drawn from the sultry allure of the ’90s and the unapologetic essence of urban grit. There was a good crowd turnout and the event was also graced by Lucas Lau, Gaston Pong, Dior Yaw and Shalma Aina among others who added star-studded allure to the party. Guests were seen immersing themselves in activities such as the Sisley high-angle photobooth and trying out the SS24 Collection while enjoying the high-energy beats of DJ Mjvicious.

Inspired by the eternal allure of Rome, the “La Dolce Vita” campaign features Bianca Balti interpreting a woman whose senses were reignited against the backdrop of Rome.

South Korean actress, Lim Ji-Yeon, also adds her allure to the campaign elegantly showcasing the SS24 collection in a campaign pictorial infused with a romantic mood and style.

The collection offers a glimpse into a world where sophistication dances cheek to cheek with spontaneity. It embodies a functional yet effortlessly chic aesthetic. This epitomises the brand’s signature style with a pared-back minimalism and a hint of rock and roll.

Standout pieces include trousers and tailored suits, evening dresses for her and shirts for him, and leather bags that exude timeless elegance.

The women’s collection embraces simplicity and ’90s allure with clean-cut lines and a focus on black and a vibrant colour palette. Denim takes centre stage in various styles. There are romantic touches like rhinestones and lace adding flair to sweaters and dresses. Great for our Malaysian weather, the collection transitions to a relaxed, indie rock-inspired vibe with crochet, lace, and silk-linen blends in psychedelic prints and earthy tones. The versatile looks seamlessly blend urban and festival aesthetics, perfect for the modern woman.

The men’s collection for the season embraces the essence of “dolce far niente” or “sweet idleness,” epitomising iconic practicality for comfort and relaxation, whether at work or leisure. Unlined jackets, all-white suits, eco-down jackets and classic biker jackets offer a relaxed yet well-constructed vibe. Key pieces include t-shirts with photographic prints, versatile 5-pocket jeans, and wrinkle-free linen shirts and pants.

Breathable fabrics like slub are used for cardigans and soft sweaters, while pastel tones are complemented by tobacco, black, and chalk white hues, creating a timeless and chic palette for the modern man.

The Sisley flagship store provides the perfect canvas for the seductive “La Dolce Vita” Spring Summer 2024 Collection. The sleek and modern simplicity of the store sets the stage for a modern shopping experience. It’s good to know that prioritising sustainability, Sisley incorporates hi-tech features and recycled materials, embodying its eco-conscious ethos. Dedicated areas for denim, knitwear, and accessories offer a tailored shopping journey in the store. The best way to get to the store is through the Chulan entrance of the mall as you will see it almost immediately. The outfits there are worth taking a look at as they are stylish and the colours and cuts they come in are attractive.

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