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Always Celebrate In Style With UNIQLO

UNIQLO recently brought comfort, simplicity and style to the moments of Raya with a five-day pop-up, “Balik Raya in Comfort”, at the UNIQLO Store, The Exchange TRX. For Raya, Uniqlo offered all-inclusive options, ensuring everyone could dress their best comfortably for their annual balik kampung trip.

As most of us know, Raya celebrations are still going on as many people are still hosting open houses. This usually will go on for a month after the actual Hari Raya day. Those who couldn’t make it back to their hometown on the actual day may also be heading back during this time. If you need something stylish that is also comfortable to wear, there is no better choice than UNIQLO’s range of quality LifeWear essentials suitable for the entire family. UNIQLO’s essential Eid items come in a soft, natural color palette. Apart from being easy to mix and match, they also complement each other perfectly when worn together with the family.

UNIQLO items can be worn over and over again as they are of good quality and they come in enduring styles. So, if you buy something from the Raya collection, it will still be something you can wear throughout the year to walk out in style.

Nostalgia was evoked with the ‘Balik Raya with Comfort’ pop-up that featured a train-inspired setup that showcased the signature UNIQLO product lines – AIRism, Rayon, and Linens – as part of the UNIQLO Raya 2024 collection.

There were a variety of diverse and stylish items to explore, including popular lines such as the breathable and comfortable AIRism collection, the timeless elegance of Linens, the Rayon pieces, and the traditional yet contemporary Baju Melayu collection.

There also was a special styling workshop featuring Ardi and Sri Azni, showcasing a variety of styles with a focus on modest wear and illustrating creative ways to style LifeWear for the Raya season. Valuable insights were shared on curating looks using signature fabrics such as AIRism, Rayon, and Linens, offering diverse options for different Raya looks.

The UNIQLO Raya 2024 collection has been designed to offer a stylish and comfortable experience. Featuring the five ambassadors – Mira Filzah, Dr. Syazril, Sofea Shra, Daiyan Trisha, and Hun Haqeem, the collection brings different personalities and feelings, ensuring there’s something for everyone, regardless of individual tastes or preferences.  

What was wonderful is that UNIQLO did not forget the underprivileged. As part of its ongoing commitment to helping make life better for communities across Malaysia, they also organised special activities for underprivileged children from local orphanages, as part of Raya festivities. In the spirit of giving back, UNIQLO welcomed 15 children from Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Daerah Kuala Muda (PRAYDKM) in Sungai Petani. Each child received a budget of RM 150 to shop for their favorite items at the newly opened store at Aman Jaya, enabling them to select clothing and accessories that reflected their preferences.

The caretaker of PRAYDKM, Mohamad Fakhiran Bin Mohamad Ridzuan said, “The children at PRAYDKM had a fun day out with UNIQLO, where they had a valuable opportunity to learn about the retail experience. Thanks to Uniqlo’s initiative, they gained practical insights into how stores operate and the importance of customer service. This hands-on learning experience will undoubtedly empower them with valuable skills for their future endeavors.”

Rumah Anak Yatim dan Asnaf Baitun Nurrawdhah Ampang enjoyed a unique experience at Uniqlo The Exchange (TRX) Store Engaging in a Creative Design Workshop with Malaysian Artist, Eureka

Separately, 16 children aged between 8 and 16 from Rumah Anak Yatim dan Asnaf Baitun Nurrawdhah, Ampang, enjoyed a unique experience at UNIQLO The Exchange TRX store, engaging in a creative design workshop with Malaysian artist Eureka. In the workshop, children were gifted UNIQLO T-shirts to personalise, engaging in UTme! printing sessions with Eureka to produce creative designs, experiencing the joy of creating new clothes for the festive season.

Children from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Anak Yatim Baitul Nurrawdhah enjoyed a warm outing with Eureka and UNIQLO at TRX.

Hafifah Ismail, caretaker of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Anak Yatim Baitul Nurrawdhah said, “As the caretaker of our orphanage, witnessing the children’s joy and creativity during their experience at UNIQLO The Exchange TRX store was truly heartwarming. We are very grateful to UNIQLO and Malaysian artist Eureka for providing such a unique opportunity for our children. This experience will leave a lasting impression on them, reminding them of their potential and the kindness of others.”

“At UNIQLO, we believe in giving back to the community and spreading happiness wherever we can, especially during special occasions like Raya. It was truly heartwarming to see the smiles on the faces of the children as they shopped and experienced the joy of picking out new clothes. We hope that this initiative has brought a little bit of happiness and excitement to their lives during this festive season,” said Evelyn Tan, Legal, Sustainability and Corporate PR, Director of UNIQLO Malaysia.

Photo 5- Each of the kid are given a certain budget to shop for Raya outfit

UNIQLO should be commended for their efforts to bring joy into the lives of less privileged children. The Raya shopping experiences are just one of the many ways UNIQLO is committed to positively impacting communities in Malaysia. Going forward, UNIQLO will continue to engage in initiatives that support local communities and the underprivileged, in line with the company’s core values of giving back to society, improving people’s lives, and making the world better for future generations.

For more information about UNIQLO Malaysia’s community initiatives and corporate social responsibility efforts, visit www.uniqlo.com/my.

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