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OneNess Holistic celebrates its grand opening at V E Hotel in Bangsar South

Malaysia’s first Mind-Body-Spirit Bodywork Vibrational Healing Centre and Qi Energy Experience Centre was recently unveiled with an immersive launch party.

Greeting us as we enter is a grand buffet of delectable treats that was meticulously prepared by the OneNess student chefs. There was also an array of homemade cakes too by local brand – Joyous.

Once registered, invitees could participate in any of the following four activities that provide a quick snippet into one’s experience at OneNess Holistic and these were Cyrstal embellishment, Flower ornamentation, Wishing well and Massage indulgence.

For the Crystal embellishment, a selection of 28 Swarovski crystals of different colours and sizes were provided. Based on personal preference, we could encircle the stone around the OneNess brand’s Flower of Life, adorning your Dream Crystal Glass with a new totem.

The idea of the Flower ornamentation station is to create love. Using your senses, we get to choose a perpetually blooming flower that we feel most connected to and then we get to embellish it. Once done, we get to write on the card provided how you want to love yourself better in 2024. The soul, like the perennial flower, is meant to continue to bloom allowing it to turn into a new flow of energy, attracting abundance into your life experience like a Wishing well!

Finally, the Massage indulgence is a body-mind-soul massage with visit OneNess therapist Apple or Pei Yin and a free 5-minute recharge!

Professor Lee Si-Chen, former president of National Taiwan University and honorary professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, and author of ‘The Science of the Spirit Realm’ said a few words about the results of over 30 years of spiritual science research and the latest scientific discoveries, decoding the science of the magnetic field and revealing significant advances in the relationship between qi and biology.

Master Tina Lee, founder of Deeksha Australian Flower Essence natural therapy and authoritative spiritual teacher in Asia, as well as the founder of OneNess Concept then shared a few words with regard to over 30 years of knowledge and clinical frequency therapy experience, analysing the close relationship between smooth qi circulation and physical and mental health, as well as how the body’s structure influences energy flow and consciousness awakening. She concluded by giving insights and realisations into our ultimate existence.


A truly wonderful launch party, the inception of OneNess Holistic is rooted in its parent company, OneNess Concept Mind-Body-Spirit School, which combines its exclusive therapy with the precise use of Colour Energy Flower Essence Energy to assist clients in vibrational healing through the body as an entry point.

Following the mantra that the mind and body are interconnected, it is believed that the mind can influence the body, and the body can restrain the mind. With the mind being the source, through mind-body-spirit bodywork, it is able to break down the physical blockages projected from the mind such as anxiety, depression, stress, sadness and anger, by opening the energy pathways to adjust the mind.

In an era of intense workplace stress, many psychological and physical issues have arisen, and the mind, in turn, affects the nervous system, leading to a vicious cycle from body to mind to spirit. Therefore, what OneNess Holistic offers is not just mental solace but the seamless operation of the entire mind-body-soul system which eventually leads to overall peace.

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