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Healthy Food Swaps for the Holiday Season

Christmas is all about being surrounded by friends, family, loved ones and of course…. FOOD! Health is rarely the first thing we think of during the most beautiful season of the year. Our regular healthy eating routines can be easily forgotten between the countless parties, stream of visitors, and holiday preparations. However, choosing wholesome foods that nourish our body is the secret to a healthier Christmas.

On this week’s post, we share with you some yummy food swaps that you can easily slip into your Christmas table.

Swap #1: Greek yoghurt dressings instead of creamy dressings

Cucumber Feta Greek Yogurt Dip – to be eaten with kebab

Instead of loading up on creamy salad dressings high in calories, Greek yogurt salad dressings are high in vitamins, minerals and lower in calories.

Swap #2: High fat dips to healthier dips

Healthy dips made of vegetables – Beet root dip, Hummus dip and Avocado dip

Most dips are filled with unhealthy fats, dangerous chemicals, and preservatives. Guacamole and hummus are good substitutes.

Swap #3: Swap Breadcrumbs with Oats

Turkey stuffing made off oats

Stuffing is necessary for roasting turkey or chicken in most families. Use oats which are high in fibre for stuffing.

Swap #4: Replace Traditional Desserts with Low-sugar Alternatives

Other sugar alternatives such as honey, molasses, brown sugar, palm syrup. Nevertheless, excess of any of this sugars will result in weight gain.

Add cinnamon, artificial sweeteners, dried fruits and nuts, or natural honey in place of processed sugars in your recipes.

Swap #5: Swap Store-bought Cranberry Sauce For Homemade

Homemade cranberry sauce – fresh and healthy

Store-bought cranberry sauce may contain a significant amount of added sugar, which lowers its antioxidant value. Fresh cranberries, raw honey (or Stevia if you want to reduce the sugar content further), freshly squeezed orange juice, and orange zest are the main ingredients in homemade cranberry sauce, which is much healthier than store-bought.

Swap #6: Exchange your store bought potato chips to vegetable chips

Vegetable chips made off different types of vegetables – carrot, potato, peas, aubergine, pumpkin

For those who are craving for some savoury treats, grab some green leafy vegetables like kale, add spices and put them in the oven. Now, you have the perfect vegetable chips.

Adapted from 5 Healthy Food Swaps for Christmas Courtesy of Leah Itsines, Woman’s Weekly.

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