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Enjoy Delicious Cuisine at Qristina’s Kitchen

When you go to Qristina’s Kitchen you will step into a fusion of flavour where East meets West in style. The wonderful thing here is that you can indulge in exquisite Chinese cuisine, Western ambience and the finest, MSG-free ingredients.

Taste luxury with every bite in this lovely restaurant located at The Signature Suites & Residences in Desa Sri Hartamas. The ambience is magnificent with charming decor and conducive seating, enabling patrons to have a memorable dining experience.

Qristina (standing in the middle wearing a blue denim jacket) is a wonderful lady who believes in giving diners a fantastic experience

The amazing lady behind this restaurant is former makeup guru Qristina Lim who ventured into the F&B business by opening Celebs Hotpot in 2018, which introduced personalised hotpot dining. Now she has opened Qristina’s Kitchen, which serves healthy pizzas and omakase Chinese cuisine besides hotpot.

Hakka Braised Iberico Pork With Black Fungus

According to Qristina, the meals are crafted with premium ingredients without MSG. Diners can also elevate their experience with complimentary access to karaoke rooms. A gorgeous and dynamic lady, Qristina knows a lot about nutrition as she studies it, reads a lot and also follows the posts of many experts and websites on this subject. She explained that good health is something very important to her and thus, when crafting and planning the dishes, she makes this a priority.

When I tried the Collagen Bird Nest Organic Chicken Soup, I found it to be very tasty and full of flavoursome goodness. The texture was perfect and the warmth went down in a comforting way, rejuvenating my body and soul … especially as I had just come into the restaurant after battling the heavy rain and the massive traffic caused by the downpour outside.

Collagen Bird Nest Organic Chicken Soup

The Beet Root Fried Basmati Rice deserves special mention too and it came presented in a unique manner. It tasted not only yummy but also healthy as it didn’t feel too oily or heavy, making it pleasing to the palate.

Beet Root Fried Basmati Rice

From now till June 30, the restaurant is offering ‘Parents’ Day Special Menu 9 Course Chinese Cuisine’.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, the 12th of May and Father’s Day is coming up soon in June too. Why not take your parents out for a well-deserved treat at Qristina’s Kitchen?

Priced at RM898.90 for four pax, the menu includes appetiser, starter and main courses such as Hakka Braised Iberico Pork with Black Fungus and Pan Fried XXL Cod Fish. Diners will also have complimentary access to a private karaoke room.

The Hakka Braised Iberico Pork was a wholesome dish and the taste was something I enjoyed. It reminded me of wonderful homecooked dishes. As for the Pan Fried XXL Cod Fish, it was done to perfection and we enjoyed its firm, flaky texture and incredible taste.

Pan Fried XXL Cod Fish

We must also mention the Cheese Baked Wild Catch XXL Prawn which was not only large and generous in size but also absolutely delicious. In fact all the items served from the menu had uniqueness and plus points of their own.

Cheese Baked Wild Catch XXL Prawn

As for the dessert, namely the Mango Sago, it was the perfect way to end the meal as it slips down the throat smoothly in a cool, satisfying way. Needless to say, it tasted delectable.

Delicious Mango Sago

Qristina’s Kitchen recently opened with a launch emceed by Arthur Tan and featured a performance by renowned violinist Josh Kua. Guests included Pensonic executive director Nelson Chew, celebrity hairstylist Albert Nico, fashion designer Gillian Hung and top model Amber Chia.

It’s a good choice to take your loved ones there to spend time together. Qristina is dedicated towards serving great food and giving all diners who head there a memorable, delightful dining experience.

For more details, contact 012 444 2018 or visit its Instagram @qristinaskitchen

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