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Tiffany & Co. has a Magnificent New Store at The Exchange TRX

Have you visited the new Tiffany & Co. store at The Exchange TRX in Malaysia yet? If you haven’t you are missing out on something magnificent. Tiffany & Co. unveiled its latest store in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in grand style recently and the opening saw a huge crowd gathered outside their boutique.

The fantastic facade of TIffany & Co.

The appearance of famous Thai actor and model, Metawin, widely known as Win, at the opening, added to the excitement. His fans patiently waited for hours to get a glimpse of him. He was indeed charming and charismatic and we could see that his admirers were delighted that he was friendly and happy to see them too.

Metawin at the opening of Tiffany & Co. at The Exchange, TRX
From left: Cesarine Lim (Tiffany & Co. Director, Malaysia), Metawin and
Libby Amelia (President, Tiffany & Co. South Asia Pacific)

The new store is really captivating and features the House’s latest design concept. Walk in and it will take your breath away. Sparkling jewels set in beautiful designs, tempt you to take a closer look at them. The boutique invites visitors into the beautiful world of Tiffany & Co. 

The Tiffany & Co. Kuala Lumpur store features a one-of-a-kind façade designed by legendary architect Peter Marino. With hammered panels, this meticulous design choice blends artistry and craftsmanship that adds a unique texture and timeless elegance to the store’s exterior. It serves as a remarkable first impression, effortlessly marrying the House’s rich heritage and modern design. The new location marks the first of three Tiffany & Co. stores within the Asia region to feature designs by Peter Marino Architect. Upon entering, clients are immediately enthralled by bespoke fresco walls that are featured throughout the interiors.

The interior of the new Tiffany & Co. store is magnificent

Each individual panel has an intricate design, ensuring that every wall within the store boasts a harmonious yet distinctive aesthetic, a tribute to the attention to detail that Tiffany & Co. is known for. Adorned with luxurious gold stripes inspired by the iconic New York City skyline, the choice of gold pays homage to Tiffany’s Art Deco heritage. The gold fresco design can also be found on the paravents of the store windows, which serve as a perfect complement to the silver hammered façade of the store. These paravents introduce an exceptional balance of light and texture, emphasizing the opulence that Tiffany & Co. embodies. To illuminate the space, hand-cut sapphire blue crystal chandeliers are positioned atop the glass displays of Tiffany & Co.’s iconic collections and diamond designs. It is so delightful to explore the worlds of Tiffany High Jewelry, Love and Engagement, Icons and Home & Accessories in this amazing space.

A cosy and captivating area where you can relax while choosing precious items

Within the store, visitors will also discover a unique blend of luxury and artistry. Tiffany-branded artworks recreated from vintage advertisements using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) are showcased, featuring the Love and Engagement range. The artworks are set against a jacquard fabric backdrop designed by Peter Marino and made by Rubelli, seamlessly emphasizing the brilliance of the diamonds and enchanting blue hue of the artwork. 

For privacy and exclusivity, the store includes two uniquely designed enclaves that offer an intimate shopping experience for clients. The first private salon boasts an artwork by German artist, Caspar Jansen, resonating with the same sense of craftsmanship and sophistication that defines Tiffany’s iconic jewelry.

In the neighboring private salon, clients will find themselves delighted by a soft orchid mural that spans across the entirety of the space using a graphic created by acclaimed photographer Jason Schmidt. It’s a harmonious fusion of art and luxury, creating an immersive experience for visitors. Tiffany & Co.’s new presence in The Exchange, TRX, reaffirms the House’s commitment to delivering exceptional luxury experiences and strengthens its connection with loyal Malaysian clients.  

Metawin taking a look around the fascinating new store
Local celebrities and influencers such as Jack Gohr, Alicia Amin and Zhen Ning were also spotted at the event

The Hari Raya feel is still strong and like they say, it is Raya Sebulan (a month of Raya celebrations). There will be so many open houses still to attend and visit for weeks and if you have a Tiffany & Co. precious piece to pair with your outfit, it would be absolutely stunning! Mother’s Day is also around the corner and a Tiffany & Co. gift will be marvellous. Why not visit the store soon? It will be an extraordinary experience and you will once again be reminded of why a Tiffany & Co. piece is always to be treasured.

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