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Omega Thrills In Vibrant Colours

It was an event that brought celebrities, watch enthusiasts, important guests and the media together. A burst of vibrant colour was what Omega introduced to our shores recently with an exclusive event to celebrate the vivid Aqua Terra Shades collection. Undeniably, it was a lovely evening of style and glamour.

Celebrity guests who were part of the Kuala Lumpur celebrations included Malaysian singer, Uriah; Malaysian actresses, Jovane Phang, Jojo Goh and Kendra Sow; Influencers, Juwei Teoh, Andre Amir; and Socialite, Jas Chin. All of them wore watches from the collection and the timepieces looked fabulous on them.

The event was hosted at the OMEGA Boutique in The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur. Guests explored the unique colours of the collection – from Atlantic Blue through to Bay Green, and Terracotta via a product presentation. The variety of dial colours offers a spectrum of hues ranging from ocean to earth. Guests were pleasantly surprised to discover the latest addition of Seamaster Aqua Terra Shades in solid gold, which adds extra radiance to the collection.

Offered in 34 mm or 38 mm sizes, the timepieces in the collection give customers plenty of choices to suit their character and personal preferences. Guests during the event could be seen clearly admiring the watches on display.

If you want a new watch, an Omega is a good investment. Always popular and respected in the world of horology, this collection is something to add to your watch showcase at home. Of course, don’t just leave it there. Wear it whenever you have a function or event to go to. A splendid choice, it will definitely catch the eye of everyone around you. It portrays that you are someone who loves style and knows the value of a great watch.

Malaysian actress, singer and TV host, Jojo Goh wore an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Shades 34 mm model with a lavender dial, powered by a Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement at the event.

Andre Amir, Malaysian content creator par excellence, who has a wonderful personality, wore an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Shades 38 mm model with a sandstone dial, powered by a Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement.

Time is indeed precious! Take home a good timepiece to remind you of how time should be spent wisely on all the things that make life worth living. Don’t waste time! Always savour it and appreciate it.

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