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The Wise Rule The World

I have been wondering in the last few years about why wisdom that comes with age is not valued much anymore. Or is it age that is the problem? In the past, the older you grew, the more you were respected. However, these days, only youth seems to be celebrated. How wise you are seems to have been forgotten.

Even in your 40s, you might be considered old in some organisations. And in your 50s, your expertise and knowledge is often ignored. Just recently another person I know didn’t get her contract renewed. Only 52 and they want her to go. Is it fair? She is still in the prime of her life and looks great too.

Seriously, the authorities should look into this and haul up the companies who practice this kind of unfairness. I know of people who are put in cold storage or suddenly have no one reporting to them. Maybe a new person who is younger has suddenly caught the eye of the big bosses. All these are tactics to get the older employee to resign. After having slaved for their companies for years, is this the way to treat those who still have many good years when they can contribute to our economy and society?

Having said all of the above, I would like to suggest that everyone should just not let the matter of age get to you. If you are treated badly, just dust it off and be determined to prove the perpetrators wrong. Remember that no matter what is done to you, it is you yourself who needs to and can stand up for yourself. Just carry on, love yourself, be kind to yourself and you will realise that many blessings do come as you enter the different decades of your life.

Rule your own life, rule how you feel, and how you will let others treat you. Respect yourself and those around you will have no choice but to respect you too. If they don’t, then seriously, do you need them in your life? Surround yourself with good people and always tell yourself that growing older is a blessing. Not everyone gets to grow old. Enjoy the wisdom that comes with age and use it to enjoy every single day of your existence. You won’t regret it!

Prove it to everyone that The Wise Rule The World and wisdom comes with age.

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