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Looking After Your Vision Health

Going to the doctor, going to the dentist—all part of taking care of your health. But going to the eye doctor? It’s also important! Eye exams at every age and life stage can help keep your vision strong.

Don’t take your eyes for granted. Up to 2.2 billion of people have some form of vision impairment and in at least 1 billion of cases, it is preventable.

Hence, on this week’s posting, we share with you 9 tips to take care of your eyes.

1. Have a comprehensive eye exam

When it comes to common vision problems, some people don’t realize they could see better with glasses or contact lenses. In addition, many common eye diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and age-related macular degeneration, often have no warning signs. Hence, better to get an eye check done every 1-2 years to detect any issues as early as possible.

2. Keep note of your blood sugar levels and weight

90% of blindness caused by diabetes is preventable. Do regular tests and checks on your blood sugar to keep it at healthy levels. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing diabetes and other systemic conditions, which can lead to vision loss, such as diabetic eye disease or glaucoma. 

3. Know your family’s eye health history

Talk to your family members about their eye health history. It’s important to know if anyone has been diagnosed with an eye disease or condition, since many are hereditary.

4. Wear protective eyewear

Wear protective eyewear when playing sports or doing activities around the home. Protective eyewear includes safety glasses and goggles, safety shields, and eye guards specially designed to provide the correct protection for the activity in which you’re engaged.

5. If you are smoking, best to quit it

Research has linked smoking to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, cataract, and optic nerve damage, all of which can lead to blindness.

6. Wear Your Shades

The most important function of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

7. Give your eyes a rest

If you spend a lot of time at the computer and your eyes feel dry and tired, try the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look away about 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds. This short exercise can help reduce eyestrain.

8. Eat right to protect your sight

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and also fish is important for keeping your eyes healthy.

9. Clean your hands and your contact lenses properly

To avoid the risk of infection, always wash your hands thoroughly before putting in or taking out your contact lenses.

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