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Red Wing Shoes are a Great Testament to Timeless Craftsmanship

The moment you enter the Red Wing Shoes store in LaLaport BBCC, you can immediately see why the shoes are appreciated by those who have always loved the brand. Founded more than a century ago in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota, the Red Wing Shoe Company has long been celebrated for its commitment to quality craftsmanship. Upholding this legacy, Red Wing Heritage has now opened its first flagship store in Malaysia. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone for the Red Wing Shoe Company. The grand opening received favourable responses from the community, reflecting their appreciation for the brand’s emphasis on lasting quality.

It was an interesting launch and all the people involved with the brand showed great enthusiasm in explaining why Red Wing Shoes has always had a great following. Those who have worn the shoes know why it’s highly recommended and well-loved by its owners.

Setting the stage for an auspicious beginning was a spectacular lion dance. Everyone enjoyed the conducive, exciting ambience during the event. The grand opening reached a symbolic moment with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by George Curleigh (President, Red Wing Heritage, Red Wing Shoe Company), Yuki Kobayashi (Managing Director for Asia, Red Wing Heritage, Red Wing Shoe Company President for Red Wing Japan), Steven Tham (Chairman of Leeden National Oxygen Ltd.), Teiichiro Sawa (Managing Director of Leeden National Oxygen Ltd.), and Ansel Tan (Vice President of Leeden National Oxygen Ltd.).

A captivating fashion show which was also held on the opening day, unveiled the timeless elegance and versatility of Red Wing Shoes’ lifestyle footwear. Guests to the event were given an exclusive leather marquetry door gift, a token of appreciation reflecting the intricate craftsmanship embedded in every Red Wing Heritage’s product.

“As we celebrate the grand opening of the first Red Wing Heritage flagship store in Malaysia,
it is a true celebration of our commitment to delivering quality, style, and craftsmanship,”
said Steven Tham, Chairman of Leeden National Oxygen Ltd. “The fusion of American
craftsmanship and Malaysian enthusiasm promises a new chapter for leather shoe
enthusiasts in Malaysia.”

Founded in 1964, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd. has grown to become the leading partner
and marketer of great and lasting brands for the B2B and B2C spaces in the South East Asian
region. Leeden National Oxygen Ltd. is headquartered in Singapore, and its operating
footprints extend to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Red Wing Shoes creates lifestyle footwear and leather goods with an enduring commitment
to American craftsmanship. Every pair of the brand’s boots and shoes is crafted for contemporary
men and women, incorporating more than a century of historical inspiration into each
meticulous stitch.

Up to today, Red Wing Shoes remains dedicated to upholding its rich legacy through traditional
construction and timeless designs. The transformation of premium leather into exceptional footwear involves a complex and detailed process. From finishing leather hides to packing
and dispatching boots in boxes, they take absolute pride in producing the finest quality. The
end result is footwear crafted with pride, ensuring enduring quality. They are looking forward to continuing this legacy and providing the finest quality footwear to their valued customers in Malaysia and beyond.

Founded with a clear mission, Red Wing Shoes has been shaped by its unique heritage since Charles Beckman established it in 1905. Beckman’s vision was to provide robust, comfortable footwear for workers in challenging sectors like mining, farming, and logging.

This commitment to purposeful craftsmanship continues to be the cornerstone of the brand and influences every aspect of their operations. Each time a new product is launched, they are
guided by the principles that made their first pair of Red Wing Shoes a success.

What is promised is that their products are more than just items; they are a testament to the dedication of their craftspeople and a continuation of their founding purpose.

If you love top quality leather shoes which can last for years and look fantastic when you’re wearing them, the Red Wing Shoes store is certainly a place to visit. What we also really liked were the designs and the variety of hues the leather shoes came in. Stylish, durable and long-lasting, these are footwear that those who know how to recognise a great pair of shoes will want to own.

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