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OLIVIA LEE – Queen of Awakening – Women In Their Prime Awards

Women In Their Prime AwardsOlivia Lee, The Queen of Awakening.

From Pain to Power!

Olivia Lee, the Queen of Awakening, shares how her journey towards self-love has proved to be one of her greatest achievements.

All photography and digital imaging by V. Chanthiran, Styling and text by Nadine Fernandez, Edited by Sunita Chhabra.

Looking lovely and beaming from ear to ear, the first thing I noticed about Olivia Lee is that the lady just radiates light and joy. I had heard much about her but not yet met and when we did, I felt I was catching up with an old friend as she walked in and acknowledged me warmly and knowingly.

Dressed in a distinct casino theme, one can’t help but notice the dress, accessories and even manicure that had the shapes of playing card suits. The next thing my eyes were drawn to was the beautiful rose gold tiara she adorned in her well-coiffed short hairdo. Completely part of her image, Olivia sat down, and we immediately got to chatting.

As the Director of Business Development of a multinational company headquartered in Selangor and with 24 primary offices spanning the globe, Olivia is a dedicated globetrotter, committed to enlightening companies across diverse industries about the critical significance of both physical and digital security. Her efforts contribute to reinforcing the security of industries that rely on her company’s expertise, fostering a more secure environment for businesses and industries including logistics, finance, aviation, gaming sectors and more.

Her company stands as a formidable security solutions provider, specialising in the manufacturing and production of an extensive array of security seals. Beyond physical security solutions, the company extends its expertise into the realm of digital security by developing cutting-edge software and RFID solutions. This multifaceted approach allows the company to address a wide spectrum of security needs in today’s evolving business landscape.

Clearly a powerhouse in marketing and the business world of gaming and casinos, Olivia is highly dedicated and never gets tired of travelling frequently all over the world to help grow and expand the business. She recently also became an author by sharing her expertise and writing a book titled “Selling with Consciousness”. An interesting book and a good read, it adds to her many achievements.

A very inspiring lady, even with her distinguished accomplishments in her professional career in the demanding corporate world that demands so much of her time, Olivia segues into her spiritual journey ever so effortlessly and begins to divulge the secrets to the peace and glow she has within her which she deems her greatest achievement. 

In a world where external validation often dictates our sense of worth, Olivia shares that she emerged from the depths of her own struggles, embarking on a transformative journey that led her to the shores of self-love and self-realisation.

For about four decades, she navigated the rough terrains of failed relationships, grappling with questions of identity, purpose, and an unrelenting search for love. It was only when she decided to look within, questioning the need for external affirmation, that the awakening was discovered and a profound source of care and love emanating from within was found. This is when she truly found herself and became a Queen of Awakening.

“I wear a crown on my head as one day I had a soul dream of wearing a tiara. Since then, I have been wearing the tiara joyfully everyday”, she shared.

The turning point arrived after the end of her last relationship of 20-years that was marked by control and manipulation. Faced with the weight of past experiences, Olivia chose to redefine her narrative. She made a conscious decision to embrace self-love—a love that was graceful, effortless, and devoid of expectations. This decision marked ground zero, the starting point of a journey towards personal sovereignty.

She was first introduced to Transcendental Meditation (TM) by a friend and was also inspired by Oprah Winfrey through her videos. TM helped her with relaxation to calm her down so that she could sleep better but she realised that it was not the full solution and she had to go deeper into what she calls her “heart sense”. While practices like TM initially offer solace, the Queen realised that true liberation required a shift from the mental to the heartfelt. Introduced to the path of self-discovery and self-love by a spiritual master, she learned the art of breathing life into her existence. In this process, she awakened to a new reality, leaving behind the shackles of suffering.

Olivia now stands sovereign, liberated from past experiences that once bound her. In her words, “I started to enjoy pure joy, love … life is so beautiful and beyond words …”.

She is a clear testimony of what she says. Contentment, happiness, love, and the beauty of life surround her, transcending the limitations of language. Her newfound emotional freedom is accompanied by mental lightness, fostering creativity and passion. Even physically, an unexpected energy infusion accompanies her every step.

Life is now a splendour of many wonderful possibilities. Olivia has started enthusiastically trying new things and experiences. An example is cooking. She used to hate cooking but now she really enjoys it.

Olivia now looks forward to waking up and shining her light every day. She rejoices in life. “I sense it is going to be a joyful day and it is. I sleep joyfully and wake up joyfully. I spring out of bed and look forward to each day.”

Through self-love, Olivia turned the lotus flower into a symbol of her life. “My human journey was in murky waters, and I felt like I was in a bottomless pit. Like me, the lotus flower emerges from murky waters and blooms effortlessly into a life of beauty and fragrance. Through awakening I did it and came out of this dreadful life to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of life’s existence.”

Instead of victimising ourselves or others, we “wisdomise” ourselves. We don’t manipulate people and don’t abuse power. In this way we become invincible. We are not fighting yet we know we are strong. The energy is pure, and it will flow. Everything will be smoother and falls into place. You don’t even have to do anything … the universe will fix things for you.

She shared that emotionally she now feels very joyful and flowing. “Mentally, I suddenly feel less ‘gravity’ that holds me back and it does not make me feel dense. This less ‘gravity’ makes me more creative and passionate in life. As for how it affected her physically, she explains, “I did not think much of it, but magically I feel that I am energy enriched.”

She further describes, “My emotional state exudes joy, mental clarity, defies gravity … and I have a newfound physical energy which enriches my every endeavour”.

Acceptance of past mistakes and experiences has transmuted into wisdom, shaping a positive future devoid of doubt and fear. Olivia’s journey, fuelled by passion and love for herself, culminates in higher self-realisation and an unwavering enjoyment of life’s existence.

She feels it is a very exciting journey because now there is a lot of passion, contentment and love for herself. “I have achieved higher self-realisation and am able to enjoy life’s existence fully every moment.” There is exuberance in all that she does. It doesn’t have to be something big but it can bring satisfaction.

She says that it is never too late, and life can become more beautiful at any time. In the past, there were times when she didn’t know what was wrong with herself. Now she enjoys everything! She fills her life with moments of happiness. Even if something’s not so nice, she finds the good in it.

Olivia has decided (and it is something we should follow too, if we were looking for self-fulfillment) :

I am going to love divinity.

I am going to love myself.

I am going to love life.

I am going to love humanity.

According to Olivia, she believes this will definitely bring balance in every aspect of her life. “This time, with my wisdom, and knowingness and through my “heartfelt sense” the choices that I am going to make will not give me drama and trauma in life.”

Self-love, self-discovery, knowing yourself and visualisation will help you live and experience a wonderful life, full of new discoveries, possibilities and opportunities.

By sharing her story, Olivia hopes to inspire women and indirectly, men also, through the women in their lives, to enjoy life with much joy. She advocates for self-love as the key for everyone to a balanced and drama-free life, where choices are guided by wisdom and heartfelt sense.

In the near future, she caringly intends to help as many people as she can with her experience of awakening as she knows that there are many individuals out there who are still struggling, but they don’t know why, with life’s many problems and challenges.

Olivia seals her narrative with the eternal light within her, asserting her existence with a heartfelt “NAMASTE”. She shares, “It is my divinity greeting your divinity.” Through her tale of transformation, she beckons others to embark on their own journeys towards self-love, reminding us all that the power to awaken lies within.

Olivia Lee’s list of Achievements/Awards :

Among the many awards that Olivia Lee has received, here are 3 of the latest :

  • IRAA’s (Integrated Resort Academy Asia) Industry Icon 2021 Award
  • ⁠ASEAN Outstanding Business 2019 Award (RFID Security Excellence Award)
  • ⁠Mc Millan Woods Global 2019 Award (Innovative Security Solutions Excellence Award)

We are honouring Olivia Lee for being so inspiring with a Women in Their Prime Award. There is no better person than her to carry the title of Queen of Awakening. She is truly amazing and in her journey of life, she intends to not only be successful in the corporate world, but she also wants to spread joy and love wherever she can. Unselfish, kind and caring, rarely do we come across an individual like her who warms the hearts of everyone she meets.

Wise-Mag is starting to introduce the recipients of the Women in their Prime Awards 2024, starting with the fabulous Olivia Lee. Look out for who the next award recipient will be. Our Queen of Awakening, Olivia Lee, is clearly very uplifting and inspirational and we celebrate the journey towards true happiness and triumph in every aspect of her life.

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